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Alumni Challenge 2002 game photos

Here are some pictures that Harlan Lau 73 took at the Alumni Challenge basketball game at Encina HS on Friday, April 12, 2002.

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Encina Gym

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Veronica Lopez, Stephanie Woo, Jimmy Fierro Captain Bob Goosmann '74 interviewed by David Tewksbury Todd Brownell '73 Adam Guzman '84
Chris Dahlberg '80 James Jones '87 Mark LaCoste '85, Dennis Kojima, Christine Kojima, Mike Totaro '79 Alumni warming up
Geoff Shumway '89, his son Aedan, Veronica Lopez, Stephanie Woo Varsity team enter gym Varsity team enter gym Kim Parker 74, Linda Fanning Cabana 75, Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77, ?
Alumni team warms up Varsity team warms up Todd Brownell 73's wife Janet,
son Adam, father Vic, daughter Adria, mother Marge
Kim Bettencourt Bjorklund 81, daughter Lindey, friend Mark, and daughter Krista

The Game

Rafael Enriquez makes it 2-0 Alumni 2, Varsity 0 Varsity jumped out to 7-2 lead  
Alumni stands from far end Sandi Elrod Gallegos 62, Linda Weatherford Ballance 62 Jennifer Hodson Dumas 87, husband Darren, children Austin and Ryan Front: Dahlbergs
The stands are packed
Alumni 15, Varsity 9 Bulldog stands Todd Brownell, James Jones  
Alumni stands left Alumni stands right Alumni bench (three reserves, two after Dahlberg injured) Varsity bench (9 reserves) with coach Reggie Vaughn
Backboard broken in second quarter Mark LaCoste 85 in the crowd Ryan Norris, James Jones and Mark LaCoste. what now? Richard Nelson and his handiwork
Varsity team celebrates Richard Nelson's dunk Athletic director Russ Hibbard announces move to girls gym    

Small Gym

Setting up in the girls gym Bob Goosmann, Todd Brownell check out the new gym Jack Carey
Alumni settle in the girls gym Alumni lead 43-37 with 2:20 left in the second quarter. The scorekeeper is Tamika Lands Myrtle Berry, Lawrence Anderson 74  
Todd Brownell sinks free throw Greg Roezler 74, Bo Grebitus 74, Steve Barragan 74, Doug Cochrane 74, John Nunez 74 The alumni crowd fills the sidelines in the girls gym Chris Dahlberg 80 and his dad
back: Alan Stroppini 67, Kathy Cooper 67, Kate Grebitus 75, Mike Totaro 79
Alumni team leads by twelve points, 49 to 37. Scorekeeper Tamika Lands      


Denni Schwartz Mador 74 prepares to shoot in halftime contest while Steve Palmer 74 looks on. Lawrence Anderson 74,
Micheal Carsey 64 (visiting from Germany)

Second half

Alumni lead 55 to 48 with 2:29 left in third quarter Dahlberg, LaCoste, Brownell Greg Roezler 74, Steve Barragan 74, Charlene DeVere 73 Gerry and Georgia Jones, parents of James Jones 87
Timeout Alumni lead cut to 3, Alumni 65, Varsity 62 with 6:49 left in game Alumni 77, Varsity 73 with 26 seconds in regulation Ryan Norris sinks a free throw for 79 alumni points
Alumni 79, Varsity 76 with 15 seconds left in regulation Christine Kojima and husband Dennis watch the waning seconds Ryan Norris misses free throw Bob Goosmann plots strategy
Ryan Norris makes it 80-78 Alumni lead 80-78 with 4 seconds left in regulation Varsity gets three free throws! Sinking 79
Alumni 80, Varsity 79 Videotaping the scoreboard Can you believe this game? Varsity tie score 80-80 but miss free throw to win the game

First overtime

Ryan Norris watches James Jones tipoff to start overtime Alumni lead 90-89 with 38 seconds left in first overtime Timeout Score 91-91 with 8 seconds left in first overtime
End of first overtime 91-91      

Second overtime

Dahlberg, Goosmann, LaCoste at start of second overtime Varsity lead 96-95 with 1:05 left in second overtime Alumni tie game at 96 Bob Goosmann makes it 97-96
Alumni lead 97-96 with 4 seconds left in overtime Goosmann goes for 98. Final score: Alumni 97, Varsity 96
Parent volunteer Dwight Brydie
Alumni team
There is a mistake in the scoresheet. One of Ryan's overtime baskets was credited to Rafael. Ryan had 30 instead of 28. Rafael had 21 instead of 23. Steve Palmer 74 resolved this discrepancy by watching the game tape.  
Alumni team scoresheet Varsity team scoresheet


Alumni player Year Number Points Rebounds Assists Comments
Todd Brownell 1973 30  5 1 0  
Bob Goosmann 1974 32  7 14 4  
Chris Dahlberg 1980 31  3 2 0  
Rafael Enriquez 1984 40 21 7 4 scoresheet says 23 points. one of Ryan's baskets was credited to Rafael by mistake
Adam Guzman 1984  4 10 4 5  
Mark LaCoste 1985 33  0 5 0  
James Jones 1987 55 21 7 0  
Ryan Norris 1989 22 30 5 7 scoresheets says 28. one of Ryan's baskets was credited to Rafael by mistake.
Total     97      


Varsity player Number Points
Lionel Smith 00 10
Mark Gilbert 4 0
Matt Baggs 5 0
Arber Mane 10 4
Stephen Beasley 11 22
Jelani Johnson 20 9
Richard Nelson 21 13
Tim Goode 22 11
James Hankins 23 2
Theotis Trotter 30 0
John Coaxum 31 19
Brian Fraser 32 4
Harvis Berry 33 2
Deandre Robinson 58 0
Total 55 96

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