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Alumni Challenge 2002 dinner photos

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge dinner.

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Dinner in the Cafeteria

Steve Palmer 74 at checkin table Tim Goode (white shirt) won the half court shot contest in last year's challenge Serving line Serving line
Phil Emond, Diane Viebrock Emond 84, Rebecca Fransham Mercer 84, Kent Mercer Guy Blair 70 and wife, Terri Jurich 74 and daughter Patrick Boltinghouse 62 Pat Boltinghouse 62, Lawrence Anderson 74, Micheal Carsey 64, John Nunez 74, Rollin Coxe 64
Sandi Elrod Gallegos 62, Linda Weatherford Ballance 62 ?, Denni Schwartz 74, Gregg Magaziner 74, Terri Jurich 74, Terrea Harlan 74, ?, Mike Totaro 79 Lynne Gile Tracy 78, Teresa Gunn Davis 78, Tammy Johnson Baker 78, Judy Walker 67 Virginia Dahlberg, Jon Dahlberg 71 and wife, John Dahlberg
Julie Eissinger 74, Terrea Harlan 74, ?, Stacey Heidig 74 Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77, Linda Fanning Cabana 75, Lynne Gile Tracy 78, Teresa Gunn Davis 78, Tammy Johnson Baker 78, Judy Walker 67, ? Front: Steve Palmer 74, Denni Schwarz 74
Back: Lawrence Anderson 74, John Nunez 74, Julie Eissinger 74, Stacey Heidig 74, Terrea Harlan 74, Terri Jurich 74, Gregg Magaziner 74
Dave Underwood, Mara Hui, Becky Hurley
Geoff Shumway 89 (played on last year's team) and son Aedan Parents Brenda and Dwight Brydie, Principal Myrtle Berry ?, ?, Nyeshia Williams Steve Palmer 74 and juniors
Steve Palmer 74, Linda Freedman, Terri Jurich 74, Greg Roezler 74, Lawrence Anderson 74      


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