Class of 1968 missing classmates

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We have been unable to locate the following classmates.  If you know how to find any of them, please contact the webmaster.

Adams, Tina
Adamson, Lindi
Auerbach, Jan
Barbara, George
Barnhart, Bonnie
Barrett, Pam
Bedwell, John
Bennett, Sheila
Berg, Ann
Birdsong, Don
Black, Linda
Black, Martin
Branch, Sally
Brown, Diane
Brown, Gary
Brown, Karen
Bryant, Dan
Buckles, Tim
Burt, Linda
Bussel, Rob
Carson, Roseann
Ciornei, Oscar
Clark, Diane
Cole, Joan
Conrad, Bill
Cook, Deborah
Cooke, Louanne
Cox, Barry
Coy, Willliam
Coyne, Yvonne
Crawford, Ron
Cruse, Pat
Cummings, Jackie
Curry, Sheila
Curry, Pat
Darby, Leslie
Davidson, Wesley
Day, Mike
Day, Rick
Deasy, Doug
DeFries, Linda
Dehnert, Joe
DeMeyer, Linda
Dunlap, Sandy
Dunning, Deanna
Elliott, Edna
Englehardt, Rick
Esparcia, Nancy
Favero, Kathy
Ferguson, Cathy
Flemming, Bill
Flemming, Donna
Foster, Wanda
Frazer, Sue
Fricken, Sandy
Fullmer, Connie
Fullwiler, Randy
Geiser, Al
Gibson, Lloyd
Gillette, Cheryl
Gilmore, Joanne
Goldenberg, Norman
Gott, Paul
Greene, Nancy
Greene, Richard
Gregory, Steve
Hacha, Robert
Hampton, Donna
Hannon, Tom
Hansen, Hugh
Hardy, Joseph
Harrison, Steve
Henfren, William
Henry, Joe K.
Heredia, Esther
Herschy, Joe
Hickey, Nancy
Hill, Karen
Jackson, Martin
Jamieson, Lynn
Javelet, Darlene
Johnson, Jan
Johnson, Sue
Jones, Cynthia
Jones, Dan
Jones, Gordon
Kahl, Kathy
Keeler, Diane
Kempton, Kathy
Kesterson, Nancy
Kingsley, Bob
Latimer, Ralph
LeBlanc, Toni
Lee, Terry
Lewis, Christina
Lyons, Douglas
Mabra, James
Mansker, Mike
Marston, Sue
Martin, Ted
Mason, Debbi
McGee, Karen
Miller, Marvin
Moergan, Sue
Molina, Val
Moran, Jim
Morriese, Anna
Morris, Sandy
Muggleberg, Glenn
Mulder, Marie
Murray, Colleen
Myers, Jeff
Nee, Paul
Newberry, Dennis
Nielson, Bob
Nigh, Garner
O'Neill, Ed
Orr, Chris
Pennison, Kathy
Phelps, Pam
Pierce, Donald
Pinney, Dennis
Plummer, Bill
Presnell, Susan
Priest, Rhonda
Quinn, Suzanne
Rahimi, Mansoureh
Reed, Dennis
Reynolds, Charles
Rhoads, Karen
Ridge, Sue
Roche, Anna
Rowe, Tanya
Rumsay, Diana
Saben, Vicki
Sawyer, Sue
Schutt, Carolyn
Scott, Chris
Seabury, George
Sedarat, Firooz
Shaffer, David
Sheley, Tom
Smith, Carolyn
Smith, Grant
Smith, Kenneth
Solo, Gail
Sorenson, Cathy
Stapels, Mark
Steil, Betsy
Stockdale, Wayne
Storms, Bruce
Storms, Mark
Strickley, Steven
Stubblefield, Nancy
Swenson, Richard
Taylor, Jim
Taylor, John
Taylor, Judy
Tiller, Mary Beth
Tredinnick, Carol
Trigger, Anita
Turner, Kelly
Turpen, Paul
Wagnon, Michael
Warner, Connie
Wayne, Rick
Webber, Mark
Weiss, Brian
White, Tima
Wilkinson, Kathy
Wilson, Tim
Wiseman, Sue
Young, Frances

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