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Class of 1968 Bios

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Michael Grasso wrote:
Occupation: Commercial Film Director
Spouse: Maureen Hanley Grasso
Children/grandchildren: Lauren Sperry Grasso / 33
BestFriends: Doyle Ratliff, Rick Mangino, Jeff Griffin
MiddleSchool: Valley Vista
MemorableTeachers: Gary Pruner / Art Class
Gary's shared insight changed the way I looked at the world.
Stories: 1968 was smack in the middle of the cold
war.  Legend had it that the Encina Quad was
ground zero for a nuclear attack.
AlumniInContact: Doyle Ratliff, Rick Mangino, Jeffrey Griffin.
Homepage: michaelgrassostudio.com

Michael Grasso has more than 40 years of experience in the field of film production. An accomplished strategist and marketer, Michael’s vision and expertise have been tapped by every major advertiser in nearly every category of the industry. His directorial work in the commercial production field has garnered major awards and worldwide recognition. He has won numerous awards including the prestigious Gold Lion from the Cannes Film Festival. He has twice been nominated by the Director’s Guild of America for Director of the Year award.

Michael began his career in 1970 at KXTV in Sacramento, Ca. There he worked in both the art and film departments. 1973 found him at KMUV in Sacramento where he worked to help put the fledgling new UHF station on the air. His commercials for local advertisers got the attention of WADE Advertising which Michael joined in 1976. There, he wrote, produced and directed spots and campaigns for KCRATV, Crystal Dairy, River City Bank and a number of political campaigns. By 1977 Grasso Productions had been formed, an independent production company which continued to work for WADE Advertising and their clients, along with a broad range of national advertisers which included KPIX in San Francisco and WABC and WPIX in New York.

The production company moved to New York City in 1985 , but by then Grasso Marketing and Advertising had been formed for the express purpose of handling the advertising for KCRA-TV and River City Bank.

Eventually Grasso decided to dedicate all of his time to commercial directing and eventually joined a New York production company. His work on the national level took him around the world. In addition to the U.S., Michael has produced and directed in China, Italy, France, Germany, England, South Africa, Australia and Argentina.


His work with celebrity talent is also notable. They include: Willy Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Diana Ross, Bernadette Peters, Billy Crystal, Rachel Ward, Arnold Palmer, Howie Mandel, Sugar Ray Leonard, Alex Trebek, Delta Burke, Ellen Degeneres, Aretha Franklin, Liberace, Ronald Reagan, George Carlin. Dolly Parton. Kenny Rogers. Christopher Reeve, Blair Underwood, Andre Agassi, Wilford Brimley and Don Ameche.

The Umbrella Man, an original motion picture co-written and co-produced with his brother Joseph Grasso and directed by Michael, is his first feature film. Set in Pittsburgh in 1983, The Umbrella Man charts the downward spiral of Peter and Annie Brennan after the death of their young son. The boy's death and the subsequent acquittal of his killer kindles a conspiratorial paranoia in Peter that threatens his sanity and their marriage. As an escape, Brennan becomes fixated on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and his decent into the underworld of conspiracy sub-culture ends up providing a place of emotional refuge for him. The Umbrella Man is now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime.

Michael Grasso currently resides with his wife, Maureen Hanley Grasso, in Carlsbad Ca.

Tom DuHain signs off after 46 years at KCRA
by Allen Pierleoni

Broadcast journalist Tom DuHain will say goodbye to KCRA Channel 3 today after a 46-plus year run in which he became a fixture in Sacramento-area living rooms.

“It’s been much more than a job; it’s been a lifetime,” DuHain said earlier this week, sitting in a conference room off the KCRA newsroom. “I’m going off into uncharted waters to find a new normal. My wife (Susan Kennedy-DuHain) just retired from UC Davis, and our goal is to find the things we like to do, now that we have the time to do them together.”

DuHain, 64, has been a much-respected fixture in the Sacramento media market and a familiar face to generations of viewers. His straightforward style and authoritative voice have brought gravitas to KCRA’s news broadcasts.

“Every newsroom needs a Tom DuHain – somebody who has the institutional knowledge and integrity, and knows where to find the stories,” said KCRA news director Lori Waldon. “Some may watch him work and say it’s old school, but it’s really just good journalism.”

“He’s a legend who has survived all kinds of changes,” said media observer Barbara O’Connor, emeritus professor of communications at Sacramento State. “He is among TV’s trusted authority figures.”

DuHain became interested in broadcasting at an early age. At 15, he had a back condition that put him in a brace “from my waist to my chest for almost two years,” he recalled. “Like any (teenager) I wanted to get a job, but I (wasn’t mobile). Someone said to me, ‘You ought to go on the radio and just sit there and talk into a microphone.’”

DuHain moved quickly and acquired an FCC broadcasting license. By age 16, he had found jobs at local radio stations. Two years later he went to KCRA as a full-time news-radio assistant while attending American River College. (At the time, KCRA owned an AM radio station.)

DuHain struck up a friendship with KCRA star meteorologist Harry Geise, who told him, “I need an assistant, so let me teach you everything you need to know about meteorology,” according to DuHain. A few months later, he was filling in for Geise during the weatherman’s vacations. DuHain ultimately assumed his mentor’s role from 1969 through 1979, when he shifted to the news side.

DuHain had other jobs at the TV station, as co-host of the pioneering news magazine “The 7:30 Show,” and as a daily news anchor and reporter with several beats, including utilities and energy, one that provided huge opportunities.

“One day (in 1979) I was told, ‘There’s been an accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. We have twin reactors south of town – go there.’”

That directive resulted in DuHain covering the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station for 10 years, at one point broadcasting “the first live shots from within a reactor building,” he said.

On that beat, DuHain was “very fortunate to find a conscientious SMUD employee at the power plant who had serious concerns about its safe and competent operation,” he said. “He was afraid there would be a nuclear accident. He led me to other contacts, and I began hearing a lot of stories.”

Those “stories” culminated in DuHain’s one-hour special in 1981, “Trouble at Twin Towers,” which delved deeply into the plant’s disturbing operational issues.

In 1984, a power plant employee was arrested for distributing drugs at the facility. “Out of the blue her boyfriend called me and spilled the beans about the widespread distribution and use of cocaine and marijuana at the plant,” DuHain said. “What really caught our attention was when he said, ‘Oh, and we delivered drugs to the control room, too.’

“The issue was so explosive that I contacted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s head of security for the Western region and briefed him before we went on the air (with a live five-part prime-time series),” DuHain said. A public referendum led to the closure of the plant in 1989.

Dozens of other reporting highlights have marked DuHain’s career, including the “profound experience” of spending a week reporting on Palestinians in the Middle East in 1984. “I’ve had guns pointed at me in a couple of places, and that was one of them,” he said. For that one, the National Council of Christians and Jews awarded him a Gold Medallion, its highest national award.

On the lighter side, “I got to do two series (for which) I should have paid the station.” One was a five-part special on Windham Hill Records, “which started out of a garage in Auburn” and became a major force in the new-age, acoustic and folk music worlds. “We profiled (founder) Will Ackerman, his company and its artists. We went to recording studios in L.A. and to Ackerman’s home in Marin County, and went on a raft trip on the American River with him and some of his people.”

DuHain went behind the scenes at Paramount Studios for two specials on the “Star Trek” TV franchise. “I was a kid in a candy store,” he said. “I went on the set and got to sit in the captain’s chair and say, ‘Make it so.’ ”

But the world turns, and DuHain has seen his share of changes at KCRA and in the news business in general, including the shift into the digital universe.

“It’s been a learning curve,” he said. “I’ve been flexible and adaptable, and have recognized that different owners and managers want different styles. As changes have occurred, I’ve been renewed in the process. Part of (surviving change) is periodically getting yourself recommitted and recharged, though basically I’ve been the same person doing the same job.”

Once off the job, DuHain will most miss the camaraderie with his colleagues when big news is breaking, and the “excitement and satisfaction of being successful with reporting in the field. I’ll also miss going places and meeting people. That’s stimulating.”

What he won’t miss is the daily grind. “There is pressure every day, and after a while it’s wearing,” he said. “This is a young person’s game, and you don’t see people my age in the newsroom anymore.”

Tonight during its 6 o’clock broadcast, KCRA will air DuHain’s “goodbye speech” in the form of a video touching on his career highlights.

Part of that will reveal “the one story I’ve always wanted to cover, but could never convince the last three news directors to let me do it. I have video and pictures from the location, though, which is across the country. There’s a Sacramento connection, and longtime Sacramento residents will be amazed.”

As for the stories he has covered along the way, DuHain said, “I’ve tried to remember they involve real people experiencing real events. There’s a human side do it. I’ve found that most people are good and honest, and respond well to kindness.”

KCRA Channel 3 will salute its retiring reporter Tom DuHain tonight with a “career highlights” segment during its 6 o’clock news hour.

Meanwhile,watch the video of DuHain bidding farewell to Sacramento, atwww.sacbee.com/news/local/article6541164.html.

Susan Sawyer wrote:
Occupation: Retired Resource Specialist from Vista del Lago High School
MaritalStatus: Single
Children/grandchildren: Sunny Noel Sawyer 27
SinceGraduation: I am painting Native Americans for Art Obsessions Gallery in Truckee California.
Trivia: First woman to work for the FBI in early 1970's.
BestFriends: Delia Schalansky, Marianne Zimmerman, Sue Cooper
Hobbies: Walking my Swedish Valhunds; art.
Kids: My daughter is obtaining her Physician's Assistant certificate and will hopefully locate in the Pacific Northwest, where I am planning to move.
GradeSchool: Sierra Oaks Elementary
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Greenwald, Mr. Coke, Mr. Larson, Mr. Carey, Mr. Pattiucci , Mr. Figenshu, and Mr. Pruner; because they believed in me and developed my potential and desire to learn. They were all wonderful teachers!
FavoriteMemory: Mr. Carey's music class and singing in the choir!
Stories: I really loved my years here.
Siblings: Sunny Marie Sawyer-Schalansky graduated from Encina AND Rio Americano High School.
AlumniInContact: Delia Schalansky
Comments: Just got bored one evening and the search resulted in this about Encina High School; I am surprised so many are deceased!
Toni Gonyea wrote:
Occupation: Supervisr/Social Worker
MaritalStatus: Divorced
Children/grandchildren: Jeremy 33, Amanda 30
SinceGraduation: I went back to school off and on. I started with ARC but never finished a semester, I moved to LA and got a job a a finance company. I then got a job managing a German Deli.
A friend and I were sent to Odessa Texas to open up a new Deli. We stayed there 6 months to a year and then moved back to LA. I got a job at a Pizza store managing it and being paid. I then was on unemployment and had to take 2 buses to downtowm LA twice a month to collect my check. So, by 1975 I said the hell with it and went around the block and joined the Navy. I became a Hospital Corpsman(Medic). I was in for 4 years.When I got out I was busy raising my kids and going to school. After a lot of trials, tribulations and divorce I received my Master's in Social Work.
My daughter was stationed in Germany for 3 years.
I went over twice and traveled all through Europe, went to Egypt and loved Ireland.
Trivia: Trivia: Though I have always been "chunky" I did manage to slim down in the Navy. I developed the Weight Control Program for the 9th Naval District which is now used in all the branches of the service today.
BestFriends: Friends: Janice and Evelyn Winn, Bob Irvin, Frank Princhetta and Rink Mingo from time to time and, of course, my sister Bobbi Gonyea, who I lost to Colon Cancer in 1994.
Hobbies: Hobbies: I like to read, watch tv, travel, shop, and cook for those who appreciate it.
Kids: Kids: Amanda 30 and Jeremy is 33. Jeremy is enrolled at Berkley! He is doing great....straight A student.She is in the Air Force Guard after 10 years active duty. She was in Saudi Arabia for 911, She was in Turkey and was part of Operation Freedom. She has my first grandchild, Gracie who is 16 months and is the cutest and smartest little girl on the planet!!! Amanda is pregnant with # 2 who will be joining us sometime in September 2011.
GradeSchool: Grade_school: I went to Cottage Elementary. I knew Wayne Foth, Greorge Crowle, Craig Gastman,Rob Beekman, Bill and Bob Conrad, Judy Adams, Kathy Goodman, Chris Orr. We all used to play after school and on weekends. We would ride our bikes at the school.
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk...friends were Linda Mitchell and Linda Bendaham
MemorableTeachers: Miss Wilson PE teacher....She was just scary
FavoriteMemory: I really don't have any. I was just to shy to get really involved at the time, I used to like to stand in the shadows.
I got caught smoking in the bathroom and cutting school on more than one occasion!
Stories: Mrs. Whittaker was always trying to keep us girls on the straight and narrow and especially away from her son, John, but her little boy liked some of the Encina girls. Mrs. Cornelia made them pay...
Siblings: Bobbi Gonyea 1970 Deceased, Kelly Gonyea 1980, Dawn Gonyea 1974
AlumniInContact: Janice Winn 1968, Evelyn Winn 1969
Charlotte Miller wrote:
MaritalStatus: MARRIED
Children/grandchildren: DAVID 43, GEORGE 39. LESTER 38, JARROD 36
BestFriends: DAVE REED
TOM CAYLER is an Obie Award winning actor and a Screenwriting Fellow with the New York Foundation for the Arts. His award winning piece Men Die Sooner was filmed and broadcast by PBS. Tom's work has been funded by the New York State Council for the Arts and the NEA. He spent six months on "Guiding Light" until he was thrown out of an airplane.
George Brereton IS retired and starting a berry farm in southern Washington. Encina was a long time ago. Let's see if we can (still?) relate to each other's view of things. I'm sure a lot has changed.
R.E. Graswich: Crime hits too close to home for Channel 3's Tom DuHain
By R.E. Graswich -- Bee Columnist Published 2:15 am PDT Friday, May 12, 2006 Story appeared in Metro section, Page B1

News hits home: Veteran Sacramento TV newsman Tom DuHain was calm and cool, as if delivering another report on Channel 3. But Tom was talking about himself - how two masked men walked into his garage and stuck guns in his face, how they marched him inside, how they tied up Tom and his wife and ransacked their home, how they stole Tom's car and escaped into the night.

"We were incredibly lucky," Tom said. "They walked up the driveway, calm as could be, and I said, 'What's up?' They pointed the guns and said,
'You think we're joking?' " The robbers never raised their voices. They demanded money. Told there was none, they looked for valuables. The home
invasion happened two weeks ago in Sacramento's Pocket neighborhood. Tom has learned of at least two other home invasion robberies on nearby
streets. "I want people to be aware, to take steps, to lock their doors, to be very careful with their garage doors," he said. "They followed me into the garage after I drove up. Please, I want everyone to be on guard." Sacramento police are following up leads and think the same criminals may be responsible for at least two of the robberies. City Councilman Robbie Waters, who represents the typically quiet, suburban Pocket, said, "This is heavy-duty. We need people to be extra careful, especially with their garage doors. We need to get these guys." ...
Tanya Rowe writes:
Occupation: Retired Store Director for Raley's Superstores
Bio: I graduated from Calif. State University, Sacramento in 1972.I was in retail management with PayLess Drugs from 72 thru mid 77, then went to work for Raley's Superstores in August of 77. I spent 27 years with Raley's, 22 of which were in management. My husband and I moved to Oklahoma six months ago.We were tired of the rat race and wanted to live closer to my mother, who had moved back in 1976. She had been a teacher for the Sacto. School District and Oklahoma was her home. After being here for six months, I miss working, so I have applied and been accepted to work for the Cherokee Nation.I will use my management and buying background to assist them with their various retail projects. I have been married to Al Beard since 1992, and he was also a manager with Raley's.
Trivia: I rarely ran into any of my former classmates and it had been years since I had seen anyone. I was interviewed by a local television network concerning Raley's support for Food For Families, and suddenly heard from five or six friends from the high school days.
Friends: Gary Kukkola, Stan Tsukamoto, Barb Duncan, Gary Barber and my very best friend, Nancy Kesterson. Nancy is one of the people that heard my voice on T.V.and located me through Raley's
Hobbies: Travel;especially cruises-Raider Football,basketball,books about politicians
Kids: My husband has a beautiful daughter, soon to be 38, who lives in San Francisco.
Grade_school: i attended Cabrillo Elementary School on Seamas Avenue in South Sacramento
Grade_school_friends: No grade school friends at Encina.
Junior_high: I attended Calif. Jr. High and Sam Brannon Jr. High, both in Sacramento. 
Junior_high_friends: After Jr. High, and before going to Encina, I attended McClatchy, so I left most of my friends behind when we moved to the north area of town.
Memorable_teachers: John Knurr, my band teacher. He was the best, so with it, and young spirited. He really was fun, and his band classes were enjoyable.
Favorite_memory: The bus rides home with Ron Beeman acting like a crazy guy.He would sing songs and change the words which could be racy.It was a laugh every day. I saw hime over 20 years later. He was a sales rep for a company. We had many laughs, and sang some of the old bus tunes.
Story: I worked with Mitch Reeves, also a former Raley's employee. He graduated with us. He and I did not see each other often, but when we did, we talked about our Encina friends. He gave me info. about this website and I finally got a computer, so hear I am. Would love to hear from the class of 1968!
Stephen Hoff writes:
Graduated from the California Maritime Academy and have been sailing as a licensed deck officer for 30 years. Recently moved back to the Coast from Hawaii. Am touring the Western States in my motor home. Female co-pilot desired, part time o.k.
Toni Gonyea writes:
Occupation: I am a Supervising Social Worker
Bio: I went back to school off and on.  I started With ARC but never finished a semester,  I mved to LA and got a job a a finance company.  I the got a job managing a German Deli.  Me and another girl who worked there were sent to Odessa Texas to open up a new Deli.  We stayed there 6 months to a year and then moved back to LA,  I got a job at a Pizza store managing it and being paid under the table.  I had to take 2 buses to downtowm LA twice a month to collect my unemploymnet check.  So, by 1975 I said the hell with it and went around the block and joined the navy.  I became a Hospital Corpsman(Medic).  I was in for 4 years.When I got out I was bust raising my kids and going to school.  After a lot of trials, tribulations and divorce I received my Master's in Social Work.
Trivia: Though I have always been "chunky"  I did manage to slim down in the Navy.  I developed the Weight Control Program for the 9th Naval District which is now used in all the branches of the service. Another piece of trivia is that I don't party anymore!
Friends: Janice and Evelyn Winn, Bob Irvin, and Rink Mingo from time to time. my sister Bobbi Gonyea, who I lost to Colon Cancer in 1994.
Hobbies: I like to read, watch tv, travel, shop, and cook for those who appreciate it.
Kids: Amanda 23, Jeremy 25. Jeremy is 25.  He is in to his friend and what everyone is doing,  He Can't miss anything that explains why he does work! Many is 23.  She is in the Air Force.  She was in Saudi Arabia for 911, She was in Turkey and was part of operation Freedom.  She is currently in Korea but wil be home for the week of Thanksgiving.  She will have to go back to Korea until March. She then will be transferred to Germany.  I will be going to Europe often!!  She is pinning her Staff Sgt. stripe on the 1st of September.
Grade_school: I went to Cottage.  I knew Wayne foth, Greorge Crowle. Craig Gastman,Rob Beekman, Bill and Bob Conrad.  We all used to play after school and on weekends.  We would ride our bikes at the scool.
Grade_school_friends: I knew Wayne foth, Greorge Crowle. Craig Gastman, Rob Beekman, Bill and Bob Conrad.  We all used to play after school and on weekends.  We would ride our bikes at the scool. At hig School I ran with a lot of kids from other schools.  I was friends with Bob Irvin, Janice Winn and her sis Evelyn,
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Linda Bendaham and Linda Mitchell
Memorable_teachers: Miss Wilson PE teacher....She was just scary
Favorite_memory: I reall don't have any.  I was just to shy to get really involved at the time, I used to like to stand in the shadows.
Story: Mrs. Whittaker was always trying to keep us girls on the straight and narrow and especially away from her son, John, but her little like som of
the Encina girls.  Mrs. Cornelia made them pay...
Sibling_info: Bobbi Gonyea, Kelly Gonyea, Dawn Gonyea
Bruce Mulligan writes:
Occupation: General Manager, Employers Health Alliance
Bio: What a long strange trip it's been...
Graduated UC Davis in 1972 BS Psychology (minor in student activism). Spent 8 years in Human Resources including a stint with the Brown administration in Employee Relations. Got fed up with politics and did a geographic relocation to Eugene, Oregon where I continued graduate work with the U of O (go Ducks!). Served as HR Director for the City of Eugene, City of Portland and SAIF Corporation. Returned to Eugene to work with physician organizations and area employers in reforming what's left of our health care system. I have two wonderful children by a prior marriage and am enjoying life with my wife Janis who is co owner of Amity Vineyards (an old established Oregon Winery).
Friends: Doug Kendrick, Tom Cayler, Paul Pettit
Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, rafting, drift boating, gardening and generally enjoying the Pacific Northwest.  We also love to travel in the US and
Kids: Patrick 18, Anne 13. My son is graduating from Sprague High School in Salem and will be attending Willamette University in the fall on a scholarship. My daughter is establishing herself as an accomplished musician and artist at a young age.
Grade_school_friends: My best friend in grade school and now is Greg Miller.
Alumni_in_contact: Greg Miller (69)
Ricardo Alves wrote:
Occupation: I'm a lawyer and a Retired State Attorney in Natal Rio Grande do Norte, in the Northeast of Brazil. I also have farms and a travel agency.
Bio: I worked as a Lawyer and as The State Attorney, for 27 years. At the same time I'm also producing coconuts and sheep in farms I have in my State. After I retired I'm also in a Travel Agency, toplineturismo@terra.com.br in Natal.
Friends: Thomas Cayler, 1968, Jodi Kavrell,1969, Nancy Cayler, 1970, David Powell 1968,
Hobbies: I love beaches and sea activities, boats and still surfing, believe or not ? In my farms  I love horse riding in the forests.
Kids: I have three kids.  The oldest daughter, a lawyer and English  teacher, who lives in  the Amazonic jungle. She just got married. The second is José, also Lawyer, who is still living with us, 25 years old. The youngest Fernanda, is a Tourism specialist and is single, also, and works with me and in the Tourism State Department, in Natal.
Junior_high: I have special friends, but I have to remember their last names, because I know a lot of nick names.
Mrs. Degoyer, a very special Public Speaking Teacher. When I went to the US, I thought I'd be an Engineer. In her classes I decided to be a lawyer, thanks to her.
Mrs. Whitman, the English teacher, I never got a grade more than a "c".Shes was really tough.
Mr. Psiayas, the French Teacher. He reaaly loved France. (now bush wouldn't like him that much, but....) A great teacher.
Favorite_memory: Eating sandwiches on the grass, with a lot of "chickies", close to us. Breaking my wrist a the first Physical Education Class.  A  week in the Hospital.
Story: One I asked in the American Problems class, for a "shet of paper
". As you can see my English is still pretty bad.
Dave Porter wrote on classmates.com:
I was a professional musician after college and then started an audio services (recording studios) company "Music Annex" now called "Annex Digital". I have run the comapny for the past 29 years. We are located in San Francisco and Menlo Park California. I am married to an artist, Susan Lobb-Porter (Rochester NY) and we live in Nevada City California along with our two teenage children and a variety of other critters. I stay in Alameda during the work week and commute home on the weekends.
Wayne Foth writes:
children: NICOLE AGE 20  TRAVIS AGE 19
Grade_school: COTTAGE SCHOOL
Junior_high: JONAS SALK
Memorable_teachers: MR. SHULER MY AUTO SHOP TEACHER  (OH MERCY !!)
Favorite_memory: GRADUATION DAY
Ann Schirle writes:
Occupation: Chiropractic Physician

Bio: So much has happened in the last 30+ years. My husband, Steve and daughter, Adrianna and I have pursued a life anchored in education, living in many parts of the country where Steve taught and did research at the
university level. We ended up in Philadelphia where I pursued graduate studies at the Tyler School of Art of Temple University and Steve completed his psychology clinical internship. We lived in the "Green Country Town" of Bryn Mawr, PA where I taught fine arts and eventually theater arts at the Shipley School, a very fine prep school. I was in a head on collision in '85 which pretty much sidelined my life--6 months of excruciating pain going to hospital based PT 5 days a week. Out of desperation, I went to a friend's Chiropractor and had a 50% reduction in pain after the first
treatment. A year and a half later I began pre-med studies at West Chester University, studying calculus, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, etc., as prereq's for pursuing Chiropractic studies. Yes, I can imagine it may be hard for some of you to believe, but I completed all the necessary classes at the top of my class. After completing my studies, we picked up and left behind a very fine life, heading with my family to Portland, OR to attend Western States Chiropractic College for a 4-year course of study. I have my own clinic--Alameda Family Chiropractic--a successful practice and much joy restoring health and balance to the lives of my patients. My husband continues his work as a senior psychologist working with adolescents. He continues to be the love of my life after all these many
years and is one of my greatest friends and supporters. My daughter had her 31st birthday this August and is not only beautiful, but smart and accomplished. She's taking some time after working with at-risk adolescent girls to figure out what her next step will be. We are all healthy and enjoying our lives together. Last summer we moved to Lake Oswego, the jewel of Oregon, where we live 1/2 hour from the city, but! have the blessing of living near the Tualatin River with all it's diverse wild life. We go to sleep serenaded by tree frogs and wake to the morning trills of song birds. A resident coyote family keeps us on our toes and we are right smack in the flight plane of migrating Canadian geese. All is well in our world, thank God.
Trivia: Rumor has it that I ran off with a university professor after highschool. Not too far from the truth--he was a graduate student and went on to teach at several universities in the US.
Back in the days of the war in Vietnam, I spent some time at Travis Air Force Base entertaining the troups with my songs and acoustic guitar. Haven't done any performance work for years. Still like to sing in the shower...
Friends: We were the gruesome threesome--Nicki James and Gail Carstenson. Also Sheryl West and Susan Sevall. I am sure there are others--the mind is not as sharp as it used to be... Barbara Gundy was another...
Hobbies: I like fishing for BIG fish. My garden is my sanity. Still doing artwork, but not professionally any longer.
Kids: We have one daugher, Adrianna, who is 31 and absolutely delightful. A college graduate with a split degree in sociology and womens studies, she is living in Lake Oswego while she figures out what her next step will be.
Grade_school: St. Ignatius School
Grade_school_friends: Most of them went to El Camino
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Joe Patitucci for nurturing my love of the arts as well as my spirit. Joe Lawrence for encouraging my expression through writing, song and music and, in doing so, giving me a reason for my existence at that point in my life.
Favorite_memory: The day all of the female students showed up wearing pants/slacks, some even brave enough to show up bra-less. We were all supposed to dress in skirts and dresses. I think Alan Dreifus (SP?) got some civil liberty-types involved in the scuffle. My, but we thought we were so cutting edge back then. How the world has changed...
Story: I must not pass up the opportunity to remember Miss Carstenson, our high school guidance counselor, who met with me one day and advised me to take typing and shorthand classes, since I was clearly not "College
Material". Never tell Ann that she can't do something. I hope the rest of you who might have heard the same thing went on to do wonderful things with your life, whether it involved university studies or other routes to greatness.
Mark Kielty writes:
Occupation: city planner
Bio: working
Trivia: not enough
Hobbies: golf and poker
Kids: three and most of them have left home
Grade_school_friends: mike blas
Junior_high_friends: marc gregory
Memorable_teachers: lee; i got a passing grade
Favorite_memory: lunch
Story: i got out
Christopher Burton writes:
After graduation I attended 2 semesters at American River College. Deciding I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I dropped out and joined the Navy. I spent nearly 5 years in the service, most of the time aboard a Destroyer and survived 3 tours in Viet Nam. I married a girl from Del Campo High School in 1971 and we lived in Hawaii for 2 years while I finished my time in the Navy. I returned to Sacramento in 1973, and entered the automotive repair trade. I  was a technician in local dealerships for 11 years then moved into management of  dealership service and body shop operations. I left the car business in 1992  following a minor heart attack, and entered, of all things the publishing  business. I'm currently a senior editor for the Alldata division of Auto Zone Corporation.
Trivia: Trivia information: I am an ASE certified Master Mechanic as well as a Master Collision Repair Technician, and I have a 2 year quality management certificate from American River. My wife and I have been involved in the development  of Light of the Valley Lutheran Church in the Elk Grove area for about 5 years, and I am currently the acting elder.
Friends: I have lost touch with everyone from the class of 68, and while I had many    friends at Encina, my best friend was, and still is, Peter Ivory from the class of '67.
Hobbies: My hobbies include fishing, hunting, restoration of 60's vintage muscle cars,    antique furniture restoration, reading, and politics. My wife works for a California State Senator, and we're active in his campaigns and other programs.
Kids: We have one daughter, Olivia, currently living in Shreveport La. Olivia graduated from Concordia University Irvine this year with a BA degree in theology, as is working as a Director of Christian Education, in the Lutheran Church. She's engaged to a Political Science graduate from Texas, so we're looking forward to  a wedding next June. We're exceptionally proud of Olivia, since she is the first of her generation in our families to complete her degree. She did it in 4 straight years with a cumulative gpa of 3.87
Heard_about_website_from: contacted by Cindy MacRae, email by Harlan
Mary Lou and Duane Cross write:
We got married in December 1968, barely out of high school.  First we lived in Sacramento, and our first son Kenny was born in 1969.  We bought our first house in 1970, in Orangevale.  That's when Duane became a sheetrock finisher, while I was a say-at-home mom.  1972 brought us our second son, Kevin.  After a couple of years, I worked at Encina High in the Attendance Office, seeing the other side of the fence.  In 1979, we blew the city ruckus for 5 acres in the middle of nowhere, now called Shingle Springs, and custom built our home.  I quit my narc job in the attendance office to stay home again, enjoying my sons and loving it!  To our surprise, the stork swooped by again in 1984, with ANOTHER boy, named Danny.  He has been a real blessing in our lives.  Jobs and family couldn't fill a huge void in our lives, and during this time we discovered a relationship with Jesus.  So many people ask how Duane and I are still together after 30 years of trials, life and errors, and we can only say it's our faith in the Lord that has been our strenghth and new foundation.    Kenny (29) and Kevin (26) are married and have adorable children that we spoil frequently (what else are grandparents for?!), and Danny (14) is a freshman in high school.  In 1991, we became business owners in an internet shopping business which has been steadily growing.
Trivia:  Mary Lou tore her jacket in Mac Davis' limo in the early 70's (groupie years).  Duane did skydiving in 1993 after Mary Lou made him take out a sizable life insurance policy!
Friends:  April Milliken, Mary Lou McGrath, Marty Murphy.  I have not seen April and Mary Lou since the 20th reunion, but keep in contact with Marty whom I've known since I was two.
Hobbies:  Duane loves the outdoors with "da boys", doing the hunt/fish/camping thing (my idea of roughing it is the Sheridan).  I keep busy with my grandkids, my internet business, and involvement in Danny's high school career.    We like to swim, water ski, camp, and raise Dalmatians.  Our thing is our family.
Kids:  The two oldest boys are wonderful fathers and husbands to their children and wives.  Danny is really into motorcross and being a good friend to his friend and his parents.
Grade school friends:  April was there all through the years;  Darlene Ferguson, Sigrid Hjelle
Favorite teachers:  Peg Lattimer, John Figenchu
Megan Glasscock writes:
After graduating from Encina, I attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and graduated in 1972 with a BA in Drama and History.  I worked in retail for a while, decided I didn't like that, and went to work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a genealogy researcher.  When that position ran out, I spent several years in clerical/secretarial/office manager type jobs until 1986, when I went back to school to get a degree in Data Processing.  I started doing Computer Support in 1987, and have been at it ever since.  Currently I work for the State, in the Governor's Office of Emergency Services.
Trivia:  I have been married for 22 years to my best friend, Jim Smith, who graduated from San Juan High School in 1965.  We have three daughters (actually his by his first marriage), and 9 living grandchildren.  the oldest grandchild is 15, the youngest is 1 1/2 years old.  Jim is also a computer nerd - a programmer/analyst, currently working at Healthnet on contract.  He and I met through the Society for Creative Anachronism which is a medieval "education by doing" organization.    We were active in that for many years.  We also were involved in running Science Fiction conventions, including the World Science Fiction convention in San Francisco in 1993.
Friends:  I have completely lost touch with my high school buddies.
Hobbies:  We have three cats and one dog.  We like reading, traveling, watching movies, spending time with our family and friends, and generally just enjoying life.
Favorite teachers:  Rees Lee
Scott Lewis writes:
Occupation:   Electrical Technician
Bio:  Married three times and finally got it right.  Lived in Fort Bragg 79-85, live in Sant Rosa now.  Government employee City of Sant Rosa.
Trivia:  Grew a beard because it doesn't grow on top any more.
Friends:  All
Hobbies:  Fly fishing, Black Poweder Enthusiast, Traveling in our Fifth Wheel Trailer
Kids:  Two Boys:  Keith - 25 and Brock - 23
Grade School:  Creekside
Jr. High:  Howe Avenue
Rick Long writes:
After graduation, I attended Sacramento City College for two years and then transferred to Sonoma State University where I graduated in '72 with a BA in Psychology and minor in Philosophy.  Loved Sonoma County so much I stayed
and decided to, of all things, open a VW transaxle remanufacturing company. At first it was a bit like "Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" and before long Dee Dee, my then future wife, walked through the door with an
sick 68 bug. She and I will have been married 17 years in Dec.  I continued with that business until about '81 at which time I sold it and started two other businesses.   The first was an Importing and distributing company for VW and Audi transaxle parts.  The second was a flight school for ultralights in Petaluma.  Thought it would be a good idea to learn how to fly first so I got a pilots license.  My wife and I operated that business for about 10 years at which point I decided I probably should try to hang on to all the now gray hair I still had, and finally called it quits. We continue to operate the mail order parts business from our home in Sebastopol.
Hobbies: Seaplanes, snow skiing, scuba diving and cycling.  Love to grab some wine, cheese, bread and maybe a little fruit, then head out in the late afternoon to the dunes overlooking the Sonoma coast.  Nothing quite like the
smell of the sea and feel of the wind in your hair as you watch the sun set slowly over the Pacific.
Favorite teachers: Joe Patitucci,  and of course Ross Clover was pretty entertaining.
Jim Martin writes:
My wife, Nanatte, and I have been married for 20 years and raised 3 children, Jon, David, and Sarah. I am employed as a biologist with the State of California. We also own and manage agricultural properties in California, Washington, and Fiji.
Trivia: I have participated in many different activities to improve and increase wildlife and fisheries habitats in California and Fiji.  I have become a member of two different tribes on Vanua Levu, Fiji and provide assistance to their villages and schools. I enjoy wild boar hunting, deep sea fishing, and spear fishing with my Fijian buddies.
Friends: Al Geiser
Hobbies: I enjoy fishing, hiking, scuba diving, photography, and hunting in different parts of the world including the Arctic and different countries in the South Pacific.
Grade school: H. E. Winterstein Elementary School(Grades 3-6) and Jonas Salk Junior High School (Grades 7-8)
Favorite teachers: Mr. Pattituchi, Mr. Trathan
Chris Matteson Page writes:
I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts for three years, then transferred to Sonoma State College.  After receiving a B.A. in French in 1974, I attended graduate sschool at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, leaving after one semester to try life in the 9-to-5 world.  For several years I worked at the University hospital where I met my husband, Rob.  We married in 1979, and the next year moved from Iowa City to Neenah, Wisconsin, where our sons Evan and David were born.  Presently we live in Illinois; I've been a homemaker since 1982.
Friends:  My best friend was Susan (Sue) Johnson.  We lost contact shortly after I began studying at the college of Arts and Crafts; then around 1982 I managed to track her down and we've been corresponding ever since.
Hobbies:  I'm pretty much a couch potato--enjoy watching old movies, leafing through art books (am mesmerized by the Dutch painter Vermeer), and reading biographies.    Am one of those people who have been quietly pursuing creative writing for years, with nothing presently to show for it but a thick binder full of scribblings...but I may get my act together eventually.
Kids:  Evan and David, in 10th and 8th grades respectively, are very different from one another, but have a strong brotherly bond, kind hearts, and sensitive souls!
Grade school:  I went to Sierra Oaks Elementary
Grade school friends:  Cindy Rea, Paula Allen, Diane Meehan, and others whose names escape me at the moment
Junior High:  Jonas Salk Junior High
Junior High friends:  Sue Johnson, Cindy Rea, Paula Allen, Sue Sawyer and others whose names escape me for the moment.  Unfortunately, many of the kids from Jonas Salk went on to attend another high school that had just been built at that time, so a lot of friends were split up.
Favorite teachers:  Mr. Pat (of course), Larry Foster, Mr. Psiahas, Mr. Lee, Mr Jones (one of my French teachers--he had such a quiet, kindly way about him)
Raymond Phelps writes:
After graduation I was drafted into the military.  Later I went to work for the State of California at Hearst Castle, San Simeon.  In 1972, II graduated from the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Academy and went to work for that department.  I have since worked in law-enforcement for the past 25 years, retiring September 1, 1997 as a police Sgt. for the Newman Police Department where I live. I have attended 11 colleges and to this date have not received a diploma. Perhaps some day I will accomplish this.  I was married for 11 eleven years and had 3 three children.  I am now remarried and have a combined total of 7 children and 6 grandchildren.  All of my children are in college now , one at Sac. State, one going to BYU and one at Ricks College in Idaho.  My oldest grandchild is a freshmen at Becker College in Ma. My wife of 16 years and I both retired from law-enforcement in 1997 and have since started traveling.
Trivia: I am fishing the KMart Bass Masters Tournamnet as an amateur in two separate tournaments, one in January in Florida and one in April in Nevada. I enjoy bass fishing, duck and geese hunting and last month went to Canada
and hunted moose.
Friends: Paul Lindseth and have lost contact with all classmates since leaving Sacramemto.    I guess I am getting to the age where one feels regret about this the most.
Hobbies: bass fishing, duck, pheasant, geese hunting and traveling
Kids: my oldest child and only son is a Junior at Sac. State.  He says he is hoping to manage my money.  Both of my daughters are attending college also, and so far all are single.  Raymond 25, Tracy 24, Tammy 18, Kathy 35, Renee 34, Cherie 32, and Peter 28.
Grade school: cannot remember, must be the age
Junior high: Paul Lindseth
Comment: I am very anxious to visit some of the past and enjoy the reunion.
Mischel Ryan Whitehead writes:
Occupation:  Currently Food & Beverage Inventory Control
Bio:  A little of this and that, most of the time involving accounting
Trivia:   I was looking forward to attending a 25th reunion because I figured I was the only one in the class that had never been married.  By the time the 30th rolled around (unfortunately I never heard about it) I had made the plunge and I'm very glad I did!
Friends: Everyone
Kids:  I am not a mother but a step-mom and have 5 grand children at last count

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