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Class of 1968 30 year reunion

We met at Mace's Restaurant on Friday night and had a good turnout.  On Saturday night we enjoyed seeing everyone at the Del Paso Country Club.  I don't have the final count, but I think we had around 170 people there.  Afterwards, many of us went to Mace's Restaurant to continue the reunion.  We were greeted by some of our friends from the Rio Americano Class of 1968, who had their reunion the same night.  Some of us had gone to Elementary School and to Jonas Salk with them. 

On Sunday, about 30-45 people came to the picnic at Cottage Park.  It was sad when we had to leave.  Several people said that they did not want to wait another 10 years until we were almost 60.  So, all of you are in luck.  Especially those of you who could not attend the 30th reunion.

If you did not attend the reunion and would like a Memory Book, please send Ridgley a check for $15 (note that it is for the Memory Book) and we will order one for you.   Be be sure to keep in touch and let me know if you move or change your e-mail address.  We missed you.  Keep checking the web site as we hope to have pictures from the reunion on our webpage.

The following people attended our "Celebration" on October 10, 1998.

Jon Ambrozewicz
David Barnes
Ron Beeman
Matt Bell
Wendy Tellefsen Benway
Michael Blas
Fred Bly
Corkey Owens Boheman
Greg Born
George Brereton
Sheryl West Cabral
Irene Birchfield Campbell
Lewis and Kitti Jacinto Chapman
Dick Coblentz
Duane and Mary Lou Klang Cross
George Crowle
Selby Wilson Cruzat
Larry Doran
Cathy Ewing
Jim Fea
Patty Schmidt Finnegan
Sue Puthuff Franzoia
Wendy Loeffler Gage
Craig Gastman
Megan Glasscock
Michael Grasso
Cynthia Grossman
Rick Grove
Susan Hansen
John Hollowell
Patti Nathans Jensen
Sharon Anderson Kromer
Frank Kearney
Barbara McLanahan Kemp
Mark Kielty
Penny Rankin Knapton
David Lawton
Rick and Brenda Williams Lee
Rick Long
Judy Loscutoff
Rick Loughton
Jeff Lundell
Craig Madsen
John Manikas
Gary Martin
Jim Martin
David McCarty
Diane Buhlman McGrath
Keith McGinnis
Linda Cannon McMullin
Cindy Rea MacRae
Tim McWhirk
Bill Medlock
Duane Moore
Renay Weinrub Montane
Diana Allen Morrison
Stephanie Gough Paddock
Jim and Janet Blackford Page
Chuck Percifield
Steve Petersen
Ray Phelps
Doyle Ratliff
Ridgley Sheldon Reece
Danny Rich
Linda Harden Robinson
Florence Casimiro Ross
Sally Rulison
Connie Trathen Shaw
Naim Shaw
Cindy Sanguinetti
Diane Meehan Sarver
Kathy Teerink Snow
Pamela Barrett Scokolov
Ray Sodini
Donald Stanley
Stanley Stinnett
Harry Stockman
Jeff Stoddart
Mark Storms
Judi Adams Tometich
Dan Tonnemacher
Diana Howard Townley
Stan Tsukamoto
Jan Flint Vlahos
Susan Lander VonBuchan
Mike Wagnon
Kathy Finney Walker
Lee Forsyth Whitener
Richard Wilcox
Brent Wilson
Kathy Croucher Wynn

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