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Homecoming 2001 postgame party

Here are some pictures taken by Harlan Lau '73 and Rollin Coxe '64 at the postgame homecoming party at the El Camino HS cafeteria on Friday, October 5, 2001.

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Rollin Coxe 64's pictures

a013_12a sue kehoe angie gurule web.jpg (76989 bytes) Sue Kehoe 72, Angie Gurule 72 a014_11a laurie dan will web.jpg (61394 bytes) Laurie Lau 77, Dan Will 78
a015_10a becky devere ivy web.jpg (52293 bytes) Becky Devere Ivy 81 a016_9a pete plessas web.jpg (48873 bytes) Pete Plessas 78
a017_8a laurie lau harlan lau web.jpg (56336 bytes) Laurie Lau 77, Harlan Lau 73 a019_6a jeff frei vince marelich web.jpg (59903 bytes) Jeff Frei 75, Vince Marelich

Harlan Lau 73's pictures

011005 0532 tom marla bonomo becky steve james meredith charlene web.jpg (178297 bytes) Tom Dugally 78, Marla Bonomo Kaufman 79, Becky DeVere Ivy 81, Steve Ivy 80, James Meredith 79, Deana Poulsen Gardner 79, Charlene DeVere 73
011005 0533 roger wayne christie darrel debbie sue angie elizabeth buddy web.jpg (167701 bytes) Roger Petersen 71, Wayne Christie 72, Darrel Mitchell 72, Debbie Sprague Michael 72, Sue Kehoe Jacobson 72, Angie Gurule Kraft 72, Evelyn Dimitriadas Desbrow 72, Buddy Desbrow 72, Amy Desbrow
011005 0534 77 and 78 group web.jpg (164432 bytes) Front: Carol Markell Keller 78, Tom Dugally 78
Back: Chris Moser Taylor 78, Lissa Miller Souther 78, Pat Powers 77, Patty Wohl 78, John Hyland 77, Mike Martis 77, Rocky Niederberger 77, Laurie Lau 77, Steve McKellips 77, Mary Jo Heck 77, Dan Will 78
011005 0536 angie gurule roger petersen amy desbrow evelyn dimitriadas buddy desbrow web.jpg (93820 bytes) Debbie Peterson Woodward 73, Angie Gurule Kraft 72, Roger Petersen 71, Amy Desbrow, Evelyn Dimitriadas Desbrow 72, Buddy Desbrow 72
011005 0537 linda bonora linda copley lora saunders terri robichaud web.jpg (97050 bytes) Vince Marelich, Linda Bonora McGee 67, Linda Copley Mullen 67, Lora Saunders 67, Terri Robichaud Babcock 75, Karen Elledge 74, x, Cliff LaForge
011005 0538 becky hurley kandi kost russ hibbard web.jpg (78220 bytes) Becky Hurley,
Kandi Kost Herbert 69,
Russ Hibbard
011005 0539 dan will tim will web.jpg (66650 bytes) Dan Will 78, Tim Will 71
011005 0540 lavonne foster and daughter Alyshia 05 web.jpg (77241 bytes) La Vonne Foster Facino 78 and daughter Alyshia Facino 05 011005 0541 pam maples carrie maples web.jpg (65987 bytes) Pam Maples Weber 77, Diane "Carrie" Maples Clower 73
011005 0542 george clower diane maples web.jpg (84869 bytes) George Clower 70, Diane "Carrie" Maples Clower 73 011005 0543 charlene carolyn carrie debbie web.jpg (72090 bytes) Charlene DeVere Greenly 73, Carolyn Teel Rand 73, Diane "Carrie" Maples Clower 73, Debbie Peterson Woodward 73

Laurie Lau 77's pictures (Sacramento Brewing Company)

Laurie,Rocky,Dan,MJ,Mike web.jpg (29083 bytes) Laurie Lau 77, Rocky Niederberger 77, Dan Will 78, Mary Jo Heck 77, Mike Martis 77 martis hyland powers web.jpg (60903 bytes) Mike Martis 77, John Hyland 77, Pat Powers 77
Mary Jo Heck Dan Will web.jpg (48190 bytes) Mary Jo Heck 77, Dan Will 78 Martis Will Wohl Miller Hyland web.jpg (60566 bytes) Mike Martis 77, Dan Will 78, Patty Wohl 78, Lissa Miller Souther 78, John Hyland 77

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