Multi-year reunion for classes of 1973-1985

To: Everyone who came...

I hope you all had a great time. I do admit I am not an event coordinator in life or at heart. FOR the many of you who were worried about my breaking even and offered to help out, THANK YOU. I sat down and figured out my costs today and as long as none of you stole the furniture on your way out.... I came out a few bucks ahead. This is due in large part to the MANY people who showed up at the door, saving my over extended behind in the end (as it were) and taking several year off my life.

I have heard rumblings of the "next" Multi-year reunion. I have already stated emphatically that 1. I am a lousy host, 2. I have no intention of changing and 3. I am totally and unutterably insane...but if people seriously want to do this again and no-one else feels like stepping up to the plate...I would be delighted to throw another one. Dear God....What am I saying?????

Karen Barsch , the lady who brought all those wonderful toys...and my one and only "reunion committee" ....has promised to send out a survey on what you liked and didn't like about the reunion....or what you would like add to the reunion in the future if we were to host another event. I will count on her for that because FRANKLY...even though I readily admit to being a lousy host, I don't deal well with the negative stuff... I just love to be loved.

I wanted to thank the Barbershop Quartet for entertaining us out in the hall and ask that at the next reunion you sing in front of everyone...ya big weenies. You were always....

To Paul...coordinator of the 1976 XXX reunion.... (which I am told was great fun)... if you can ever forgive me for picking your year to throw this event...I will gladly and with great your way to the next reunion. I am truly sorry.

To Leslie and Dana Saladen...two ladies that mean so VERY much to me...thank you for coming. I love you both.

I wish you all a great year and signing off.



CSUS Union Ballroom
6000 "J" Street
Sacramento, Ca 95825
August 19th, 2006
7:00pm until 11:30pm
$45.00 per person or $80.00 per couple
Checks Payable To:
Diane C. Fournier
c/o United Cerebral Palsy
2230 Arden Way Suite D
Sacramento, Ca 95825
If you prefer to pay for the multi-year reunion with PAYPAL...(I do Not accept Credit Cards) with an electronic paypal address is: 


Encina High Multi-year reunion for 1973-1985

Date: August 19th, 2006
Time: 7:00pm - 11:30pm
Location: CSUS Student Union Ballroom, 6000 "J" Street, Sacramento, CA 95825
Buffet Style Dinner served at 7:00pm
Open Wine and Beer Bar ONLY
(The Student Union does not serve other types of Alcohol)
Sodas, Iced Tea, Punch and Water will also be served
Disc Jockey --- Playing 70's, 80's and Contemporary Music
Cost: $40/person, $80 per couple
Cost: $45 after July 31st
Only adult children please.

In order to ensure that all the deposits are met and that I can recoupe my own personal outlays of $$$ and to encourage greater participation....Anyone who pays BEFORE May 1st will be admitted for $35.00 per person. If you have never hosted a large event you may not know that there is a great deal of encumbered debt and liability by the person who signs on the dotted line. I would be Very Very Very grateful if you would in advance.

Thank you for your consideration. When you send your check please include your name, the year you graduated (attended) Encina, and the name of anyone you are bringing. Ty...Diane

Please make checks payable to:

Diane C. Fournier
c/o United Cerebral Palsy
2230 Arden Way, Suite D.
Sacramento, Ca 95825

You can also send payment via PayPal to (no credit cards, cash only)


RSVP list (green is paid)
Leslie Saladen and daughter Dana Saladen
Unknown class
Deborah & Keith Boyd
Scott Harris
Joyce Shaw Allen
Debbie Camara
Jerry Doane
Rob Laughlin
Julie Bond
Susan Christiansen
Jeff Frei
Dee Harpham
Kimberly Moore
Sharon Murray
Brian Pearson (confirmed)
Julie Quirk McManus
Sherilyn Quirk Laughlin
Erin O'Donoughue
Scott Palmer
David Schiffer + 1
Rodney Vienna
Karen Barsch (Reunion Committee Member)
Carol Belden
Maxine Benfield
Kindra Billerbeck Root
Allison Corbin
Kelley Covey
Robin Crawford-Robbins
Ramona Dayton
Andrew Dimitriadis
Wayne & Tracy Fong
Lonnie Frields
Shari Harris Tough
Jayne Hjertager
Rebecca King Stolberg
Keenan Kroll
David Luna
Virginia Maclaughlin Sickle
Katherine Matranga
Clayton Miller
Karen Myers
Chloe Miller
Wick Oliver + 1 (confirmed)
Kenneth O’niel (2)
Ron Rowan
Kelly Shea
Cecilia Shearer
Carl Simmermacher
Marshall Solem
Linda Souza
Jeff Stone
Brett Stover
Lad Wetzel + 1
Colleen Wilber
Gina Bua
Terrie Byrd
Lori Field Lamonthe

Kim Gerhart Williams
Barb Githens
Ann Haukaas
Benjamine & Jenean Layne
Tom Maclaughlin
Leon Moore
Theresa Watkins Bawden
David Williamson
Rory Wilkerson
Karen Worthen Gilbride
Ken Burrows +1
Deborah Crouch
Darcy Frields
Tim Haeling
Steve Helton
Maria Luna
William McPhail
Chris Moser Taylor +1
Theresa Munich
Mark Oldfield
Pete & Genise Plessas
Randy Rea
Randy Sandoval +1
Katica Sapunar Kroll
Marcy Shaw Belmont
James “Jim” Shearer
William Shields +1
Debbie Tyler
Denise Wilber
Joe & Kimberly Abreu (now Anthony)
Heidi Christiansen
Peter Dallas
Denise Damon
Linda Farnsworth Wells
Sherry Ferris

Diane C. Fournier + 1
Nicole Frybarger Lindbom
Laura Graff Allred +1
Paul Lindstrom
Laure McClernon Mart
Marty McGonigle
Richard Moulton
Greg Munsill
Stephanie Ortiz
Kim Plaza
Steve & Tracy Plessas

Deanne Poulsen Gardner
David Robinson & wife Elena Casey
Bonnie Singh
Denise Steenblock
Lisa Tice
Lisa Tiller
Rhonda Turner
Craig Watson
Tracy Williams Young
Pamela Wilber
Marshall Bliss
Christy Cooper
Leslie Cotham
Kim Dommer Carpenter

Deborah Ferguson Doss
Malika Gonzales
Angelique Gottlieb Hill + 1
Rick Haeling
Randy Hill
Becky Hudson Kochenderfer
Ray Lee + 1
Margarete "Gretel" MacLeod
Henry Meier + 1
Carol Luna Miller
Kim Poulsen Smith
Will Raborn + 1
Lynn Rose
Jan Schott
Dusty Shaw
Kirt Shearer (confirmed)
Dave Smith
Jennifer Smith Tierney
Suzy Smith
Tim Sutter
Anika Swisher-Shukuya + 1
Lori Wagner
Janet (Weaver) Koster
Tristen Billerbeck Dannemiller
Kevin Boehl
Steven Brown + 1
Sue Cantwell Elliot + 1

Stephanie Cotham Sights
Yon Gomez + 1
Jeff Greco
Kim Hanks
Mimi Hansen Marinchak
Mike Koeth
Lori Maciel (Paisley)
Jim Maclaughlin
Melinda Michael Epperson
Carl (Minns) Lasagna
Illona "Noni" Rice
Iran Ogawa
Paul Pariseau
Jeff Phillips
Rebecca Sanchez
Tara Sheehan
Jill Sheetz
Kristen Tice
Jolanne Tierney + 1
Melissa (Tovar) Daily + 1
Keith Wilber
Kevin Wilkinson
Ty Bedegrew
Suzie Benson
James Curtis
Mimi Hansen
Kim LaMothe Pasley
Deanna Luna Zemovich
Melina Michael Eppler

J.C. Quirk
Breanna Ruthrauff
Bob Schott Sr
Tara Sheehan
Betsy Stewart Thorstad
David Thorstad
Shelly Wolfe Rivas
Michele Blackburn
Audrey Brown Joyce
Kelly Dunn & Chris Goligowski
Linda Rodriguez Nevin
Gayle Parquer

Oren Redsun
Janna Sneeden Curtis
Dora Earls +1
Leslie Moe Garcia
Martin Johnson + 1
Lea Ann Jones
Leo Karras
Joe Kramer
Mike Kramer
Ann Nevin Carter

Peter Tyrovolas
Viki Clift Beck
Kelly Faria & wife Jennifer
Katera Forbes Emerson

Mimi Kent +1
Mark Shumway
Angela Vienna Brauner

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