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Alumni Challenge 2005 game

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge basketball game at Encina HS on Friday, April 22, 2005

Highlight video (26mb mp4)(courtesy of Rob Daleiden '90)

001020 1726 gym pano web.jpg (45012 bytes)
Encina Gym Aerial photo of Encina and Greer from Google maps

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Alumni player Year Number
Norm Siefkin 1963 55
Jim Eakins 1964 00
Doug Nareau 1970 10
Bob Goosmann 1974 32
Kim Tierney 1978 33
Chris Dahlberg 1980 30
Rob Daleiden 1990 22
Scottie Morales 2000 4


Varsity player Number
Randy Predium  
Andreas Oliverez  
Thomas Henderson III  
Milen Karavan  
Douglas Faataliga  
Pierien Inniss  
Yuriy Bochillo  
Andre Jamal Williams  
Phillip Johnson  
Jerren "J-Bone" White  


?, Don McCormick and son Don McCormick and Jim Eakins 64 Terrea Harlan 74, Julie Eissinger 74, John Nunez 74, Gregg Magaziner 74 Chris Dahlberg 80 and Jim Eakins 64 stretching
Alumni team Varsity team Referees Brandon Smith and Russ Hibbard with scorekeepers Don McCormick, Ed Galloway, Glenn Campbell 63
60s alumni
front: Carol Swinehart 62, ?
Alumni team bench   Student stands
Chuck Reade, Charlie Reade 76, Sharon Reade Varsity team introduction Alumni team introduction Students
Students Varsity coaches and bench    

The Game

Tip off Alumni stands at gametime Pat Wirsing 70 and wife Sacramento Bee photographer
Alumni lead 16-5 with 2:23 left in first period One of my few action shots, see Rollin's pictures C.J. Dow 87 and kids, Carlo Gomez 87 Charlie Reade 76 and daughter
Charlie Reade 76, Tammy Johnson Baker 78, Teresa Gunn Davis 78 and daughters Marsha Kloss 65, Kathie Kloss Marynik 67 and husband Jerry Deanna Poulsen Gardner 79, Kim Poulsen Smith 80, David Smith 80 Alumni lead 41-20 at halftime


Videographer Dave Jensen 72 and daughter Alumni team Heddy Crowder selling lottery tickets
Steve Palmer 74 with student winner for three point shot Student winner for half court shot with Steve Palmer 74 and Crandall Rankins Principal Myrtle Berry giving Bob Goosmann 74 a plaque Principal Myrtle Berry giving Steve Palmer 74 a plaque
Dick Doerr 61 Tribute to basketball coach Ed Galloway Tribute to athletic director Don McCormick Winner of ?
Charlene Gerrish, winner of ? Terrea Harlan 74 and Lavonne Foster 78 with signed Tim Hardaway ball donated by Rett Smart 73 Jon Dahlberg 71 wins  autographed Sharks puck donated by Rett Smart 73 Gregg Magaziner 74 with lottery tickets
Crandall Rankins of Scholar Athletes Program Signed Jim Eakins cards donated by Lee Pratt 61 Kathleen Ketcherside 73 wins signed Jim Eakins card Paul Carlson 69 wins signed Jim Eakins card
Norm Siefkin 63 and Jim Eakns 64   Snack bar crew Lisa Anne Raber, LeTaunya Terrell & Jessica Eason Alumni stands at halftime
60s alumni Steve Palmer 74, Kate Grebitus 75 Paul Carlson 69, Leslie Carlson 67, ? ? ? Videographer

Second half

Alumni lead 58-49 with 0:53 left in third period as Bulldogs stage comback Alumni take timeout. Hey what happened to our 21 point lead?   Alumni lead 63-55 with 5:26 left in fourth period
Ron Floegel 65, George Hulin 65 Alumni lead 71-58 with 2:19 left in the game. Can they hold on?    
Students Alumni stands Alumni lead down to 73-71 with 13 seconds to go Alumni stands
Kim Tierney is fouled with 0:01 left in the game Kim Tierney shoots free throw. Time runs out, alumni win!    


Shaking hands Encina coaches Myrtle Berry and Norm Siefkin 63 Tom DuHain 68
Jeralynn Cupps 67 and Tom DuHain 68 Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo 73 and son Skip Campbell 80 and family Rob Daleiden 90
Lusandra Nareau 64, Steve Palmer 74, Barbara Nareau Nolan 68, Mrs Nareau Lusandra Nareau 64, Jim Eakins 64, Mrs Nareau, Doug Nareau 70, Steve Palmer 74 Teresa Gunn 78, Tammy Johnson 78, Kim Tierney 78, ? Neil Hankin 70 and son,  Mark Melnicoe 70
Bob Goosmann 74 and wife Dahlberg clan Principal Myrtle Berry and VP David Perry  

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