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Alumni Challenge 2005 dinner

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge dinner on Friday, April 22nd, 2005.

Lee Pratt 61 and Dick Doerr 61 from the class which pledged the most money!

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Dinner in the Cafeteria


Terry Wolford 64 Brian Roberts 64 Scott Gaylord 65 Class of 65 table Drama teacher Michelle Soares and student Tygar Hicks
Amey Bate 87 and Noel Hayes 88 Bill Glaholt 88 and wife Eric Storm 83 and family, Cindy West 83 and friend LeTaunya Terrell, Jack Tumanon, Quanisha Gaines, Madel Tumanon
Declan Christopherson 93, Laura Bui 93 and coaches Chad Hutchinson, Mark Jaeger & Brian Mitchell Andrea Swanson 93, Declan Christopherson 93 Erik Gunter 04, Will Gunter Jr 02, Will Gunter 72 Encina VP David Perry and family
Rett Smart 73 and wife Serving line Jon Dahlberg 71 and family Chris Buhler 91 and son Nathan
Student servers Brittnie Scott and Lisa Anne Raber John Nunez 74 Kari Riffle Erickson 87 and family Dick Doerr 61, Ed Galloway, Glenn Campbell 63
Dennis Keer 63 (Flagstaff,AZ), Jeff Williams 62 Jon Dahlberg 71 and family and Mrs Dahlberg Lee Pratt 61, Dick Doerr 61 Photographer Rollin Coxe 64
Former teachers Don Day and Vince Marelich Leslie Cameron Silva 65, Barbara McKee Craig 65, Chuck Long 65, Bill Kern 65, Bonnie McFarland 63 Alan Stroppini 66, Kathy Cooper 66 Barbara McKee Craig 65 and husband
Ardis Duensing 66 Bonnie Lake Jennings 70 and husband Lavonne Foster Facino 78 shows off her homemade Apache jacket Betty Smart, Rett Smart 73 and family, Mike Fahn 73
Don Brodnansky and grandsons      


Dannie: dannie at danniescatering.com

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