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Alumni Challenge 2004 game

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge basketball game at Encina HS on Friday, April 2, 2004

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Encina Gym

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Alumni player Year Number
Doug Kempster 1965 20
Dave Jensen 1972 4
Bob Goosmann 1974 55
Greg Grant 1975 10
Mike Martis 1977 21
Chris Dahlberg 1980 32
Rafael Enriquez 1984 22
James Jones 1987 00
Bill Glaholt 1988 33


Varsity player Number
Matt Baggs 30
Tyson Ballard 42
Randy Predium 5 (old jersey)
Thomas Henderson 40
Daren Malone 5 (new jersey)
Jerren White 21
Andrew Monday 31
Pierien Innis 00
Andre Mayo 44
Phillip Johnson 23
Armand Harris 20


Tom Clark '70 wearing varsity jersey to meet pledge Tom Clark sinks a jump shot for pledge Harlan documents Tom's shot Tom Clark sinks a three pointer for pledge
Doug Nareau 70, Pat Wirsing 70 & fiancee, Rett Smart 73, Mike Fahn 73 Myrtle Berry    
Preparing to introduce teams Varsity team introduction Alumni team bench Alumni team introduction
Your men in black! Pregame huddle    

The Game

Tipoff   Alumni Alumni
  Chris Dahlberg 80 shoots FT James Jones 87 shoots FT  
Videographer Mike Martis 77 shoots technical for Encina's hanging on the rim while official photographer Rollin Coxe 64 watches Rafael Enriquez 84 shoots second technical for Encina's hanging on the rim Rocky Niederberger 77, Laurie Lau 77, Linda Kasline 77, Laurie's son Brendan
Alumni stands Kathie Kloss Marynik 67 and son Student stands Stephanie Woo videos the game


Alumni take early 29-16 lead in second quarter Alumni Alumni Alumni
Alumni lead 31-23 Alumni lead 36-25 in second quarter    


Sacramento King Mike Bibby autographed ball donated by anonymous 75 alumni Sacramento King Peja Stojakovic autographed ball donated by Pam Kay 83 and Mike Bibby ball Bo Grebius 74, Steve Palmer 74, Kate Grebitus 75, Kim Tierney 78 Alumni
Alumni Don Brodnansky and two grandkids and friend Alumni Kim Tierney 78, alumni scorekeeper
VP Paul Oropallo, Principal Myrtle Berry, VP Stephen Gatewood Alumni Alumni Joe Wirsing 66, Pat Wirsing 70 and fiancee
Student skits for the alumni
Mascot: Lisa-Anne Raber 04
Back: Chuck & Sharon Reade, Mary Lau Mixing raffle tickets Paul Oropallo draws ticket for Mike Bibby ball Steve Palmer 74 calls winning number; Kim Tierney 78 holds ball
Checking the number on winning ticket Ashlie Chimaro, winner of Mike Bibby autographed ball Raffling off the Peja Stojakovic autographed ball  

Second half

Varsity tie up score at 43-43 in the third quarter Worried alumni   Kim Tierney 78, Vince Marelich
Varsity pull ahead 55-52   Varsity lead 63-61 in fourth quarter  
Substitutions Alumni bench Alumni retake the lead 73-72 Bob Goosmann 74 prepares to shoot free throws
  Alumni leads 75-72 with 0:55 left Varsity ties game 75-75 with three pointer James Jones 87 prepares to shoots 2 with score tied 75-75
James Jones 87 makes one for 76-75 alumni lead with 20 seconds Last time out   Varsity is fouled. Makes first FT to tie game 76-76 but missed second FT to send game into OT!!!
Kit Doerr (sitting), former basketball coach Don McCormick, Dick Doerr 61 Mark Melnicoe 70, Doug Nareau 70    


Greg Grant 75 prepares for OT      
    Alumni leads 81-76 Bob Goosmann 74 sinks first FT for 82-76 lead
Bob Goosmann 74 sinks second FT for 83-76 lead with 7 seconds Alumni team wins 83-86 in OT !    


    Greg Grant 75 and wife Linda Kasline Grant 77 Laurie Lau 77, Rocky Niederberger 77, Linda Kasline 77
Back row:
Doug Kempster 65, Bob Goosmann 74 (captain), Dave Jensen 72, Chris Dahlberg 80, Greg Grant 75
Front row:
Mike Martis 77, James Jones 87, Bill Glaholt 88, Rafael Enriquez 84
Your alumni team!      

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