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Alumni Challenge 2003 game

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge basketball game at Encina HS on Friday, April 25, 2003

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Encina Gym

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  Alumni stands  


Alumni team warms up   Varsity team: #32 Brian Fraser, #23 Tyson Ballard, #21 Richard Nelson Vice principals and referees Paul Oropallo and Steve Gatewood
Alumni team introductions Alumni team Crystal Geyser, official drink of the alumni team  
Rollin Coxe 64 Pre-game huddle   Alumni stands
Rett Smart, Steve Giguere, Marlene Smith, Mike Fahn (by Rett Smart) Steve Giguere, Marlene Smith, Rett Smart (by Rett Smart)    

The Game

Ready for tip off Alumni stands Alumni stands Mary Lau, Steve Palmer 74, ?
Videographer Kathy Cooper 66, Alan Stroppini 66, Leon Armstrong 66   Bulldog cheerleaders
Steve Giguere 73, Rett Smart 73, Mike Fahn 73 Bob Goosmann 74 Varsity leads 13-7 Lissa Miller Souther 78, Patty Wohl 77, Mike Martis 77, Lisa Jones (Rio 89), Matt Shelton 76
Norm Siefkin 63 shoots free throw Alumni stands   Kit Doerr, Ed Gallaway, Dick Doerr 61, Don McCormick
Alumni bench Channel 10 news crew Alumni lead 35-29 Bill Glaholt 88 shoots a free throw
foreground: Matt Baggs, Glenn Campbell, Michael Holmes
Alumni stands Dave Jensen 72's family, Julie Jensen 83 & family Margie Marston 65, Barbara McKee Craig 65, Leslie Cameron Silva 65  
Erickson family
(by Leslie Erickson 74)
Bulldog cheereleaders
(by Leslie Erickson 74)
Leslie Erickson 74's husband, father, Tim Erickson 73  


Kim Tierney 78 and family Bob Bjorklund 80 announces knock-out game for kids at halftime Lisa Ott Williams 81 and Kim Bettencourt Bjorklund 81, referees for knockout game Mary Ann Green Key 90, Ed Fox 90
Alumni stands at halftime Greg Roeszler 74 and Bob Bjorklund 80 referee knockout game for older kids Knockout game for younger kids Kim and Lisa referee knockout game for younger kids
Knockout for younger kids Steve Palmer 74 and Bob Bjorklund 80 with winner of knockout for older kids Bo Stephenson 82 with son Brody, winner of knockout for younger kids Dave Jensen 72 and Chris Dahlberg 80 warm up
Alumni team Principal Myrtle Berry Harlan with Encina plaque Jason Talanian 90, Bill Glaholt 88, Harlan
Cindi Connell 73, ? Encina stands Jason Talanian 90, Bill Glaholt 88, Glenn Campbell 63, Chris Dahlberg 80 Encina stands: Tyson Ballard, Jerren White, Mark Gilbert, Michael
Scorekeeper/Timekeeper Crew:  Samantha Joseph, William Cruz
Clock keeper: Pierien Inniss
Scorekeeper/Timekeeper Crew:  Samantha Joseph, William Cruz
Clock keeper: Pierien Inniss
Bulldog bench: Tyson Ballard, Matt Baggs Bulldog bench: Tyson Ballard, Jerren White, Mark Gilbert, Mike
Mascot: Lisa Raber
Bulldog cheerleaders
Mascot: Lisa Raber
Bulldog cheerleaders:
Nyeshia Williams, Yanci Comerford, Vanessa Orozoco, LeTaunya Terrell, Rickelle Hinson, Donsha Watkins, Jessica Eason, Tiffany Woolfe
Encina stands Becky Hurley, Russ Hibbard

Second half

Alumni lead 46-42   Alumni lead 52-42 Coach Reggie Vaughn and Bulldog bench
Alumni lead by 16 points, 58-42     Alumni lead 58-46
Alumni stands Steve Gatewood, Chris Dahlberg 80, Jarrin White Kim Tierney 78, Michael Holmes, Norm Siefkin 63 Kate Grebitus 75, Bob Bingham 75
Norm Siefkin 63 shoots free throw, Tim Goode #22, Richard Nelson #21, Michael Homes #10, Brian Fraser #32 Varsity tie game 64-64 Chris Dahlberg 80 shooting free throw; Tim Goode #22, Brian Fraser #32, Michael Homes #10 Varsity take 72-64 lead
What should we do? Alumni stands Alumni stands  
Varsity lead 72-67 as alumni close the gap Strategizing   Varsity lead 72-71 as alumni pull within 1
  Terri Jurich 74 leads cheers Varsity leads 72-71.
With 2 seconds left, Chris Dahlberg 80 readies to shoot free throw
Chris ties the game 72-72, forcing overtime
Bill Glaholt 88 congratulates Chris Dahlberg 80; Norm Siefkin 63, Glenn Campbell 63   Ryan Norris 89 (star of last year's game) and his daughter  


Norm Siefkin 63, Bob Goosmann 74, Richard Nelson, Chris Dahlberg 80 Varsity takes 85-77 lead in OT Varsity lead 85-78 Bob Goosmann 74, Mark Gilbert, Chris Dahlberg 80
Varsity lead 85-79 Anthony Senior 87, Richard Nelson, Chris Dahlberg 80 Varsity lead 85-81  
Final score, varsity 85, alumni 81 Linda Weatherford Ballance 62, Sandi Elrod Gallegos 62 Dahlberg family  
Alumni team pictures (without Dave Jensen 72, who left due to injury)      

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