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Vietnam Memorial Dedication

Here are some pictures Harlan took at the Vietnam Memorial Dedication on Thursday, September 14, 2006.

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Dedication program      
    Honor guard Bugler
Leslie Cameron Silva 65 & Jack Bassett ??, Glenn Campbell 63, Haines Gridley 63, John Goodman 63 General John Goodman 63 and wife Gail ?? and Norm Siefkin 63
Don Bright '65 Audience Left side Right side
MC Kerry Shearer 72 Stephanie Woo videoing TV cameras Rollin Coxe 64
Closeup of rows on right side row by row      
  Honor guard presenting flag    
  John Nathans 66 singing   Chilant Sprague (Herb Frenzell's mom) in white dress
Closeup of rows on left side row by row      
    Mindy Russell  
Myrtle Berry & Don Bright unveil the plaque Vietnam memorial plaque Marine photographer Kerry Shearer 72
Ardis Duensing Riley 66 Ardis reading bios View from the back  
Steve Palmer 74 &
Heddy Crowder
General Goodman, Colonel Jones, Superintendent Enoch Rollin Coxe 64 John Nathans 66, Kerry Shearer 74, Myrtle Berry, Ardis Duensing 66
Greg Vitaich 62 giving remembrance for Herb Frenzell Greg Herrera 66 giving remembrance for Dan Twitty ?? giving remembrance Bugler blowing taps
Superintendent Enoch Norm Siefkin 63, Glenn Campbell 63   Alan Stroppini 66, Kathy Cooper 66
Colonel Jones of National Guard      
General John Goodman 63   Kathie Kloss Marynik 67 & husband Jerry  
  Honor guard coming to remove flag    
Bee photographer Don's closing remarks Taking photos of plaque  
  Pat Moore 63 (brother of Larrie Gotcher 64) & Kathie Kloss Marynik 67 Pam Coombs Hovey 66 & Sam Hovey 67 Leslie Cameron 65, Barbara McKee 65, ??, Shiela Clover 65
Superintendent Enoch Nancy Benvenuti 62, ?? ?? ??
Marcy Dunham 66, La Sierra alumni & wife Kathie Kloss 67 Glenn Campbell 63, Gail Goodman, Norm Siefkin 63 Norm Siefkin 63, Haines Gridley 63
Jack Bassett & Norm Siefkin 63 Kathy Cooper 66, Alan Stroppini 66 Steve Palmer 74, Pat Moore 69, Myke Lance 69 John Goodman 63 with students
Mrs John Goodman   Susan Maxwell Skinner of Arden Carmichael paper Steve Palmer, ??, Mrs Goodman, John Goodman
Sign in table Guest book    

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