Encina High School 1978 newspapers

If you would be willing to loan the Encina webmaster your old Encina newspapers so that they can be scanned it please contact the Encina webmaster.

Here are some issues of the Encina Asylum courtesy of Darcy Frields 78.

December 14, 1977: Vol 4, No 7
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February 16, 1978: Vol 4, No 10
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v4n10p5.jpg (125364 bytes) v4n10p6.jpg (140270 bytes) v4n10p7.jpg (136080 bytes) v4n10p8.jpg (129649 bytes)
March 1, 1978: Vol 4, No 11
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v4n11p5.jpg (144784 bytes) v4n11p6.jpg (151831 bytes) v4n11p7.jpg (165170 bytes) v4n11p8.jpg (178646 bytes)
March 15, 1978: Vol 4, No 12
v4n12p1.jpg (115138 bytes) v4n12p2.jpg (138006 bytes) v4n12p3.jpg (150183 bytes) v4n12p4.jpg (131951 bytes)
v4n12p5.jpg (129218 bytes) v4n12p6.jpg (148714 bytes) v4n12p7.jpg (147814 bytes) v4n12p8.jpg (116651 bytes)

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