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Homecoming 2005 game

Here are some pictures from Encina's Homecoming game at El Camino stadium on Friday, October 7, 2005

Homecoming royalty

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Homecoming party      
El Camino cafeteria Chuck Meyers 66, Rusti Ellis Grandinetti 64, Lee Pratt 61 Karen Schoenborn Barsch 76, Elsa Urteaga Martin 76  
Eric Storm 83 and family Steve Palmer 74, Frank Kearney 68, Chuck Meyers 66 Chris Buhler 91 and son Debbie Skalisky 72/73, Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73, Kerry Shearer 72
Rollin Coxe 64, Cindy Stimers 68 Steve Palmer 74, John Nunez 74 Will Gunter Jr 02, Will Gunter 72 Will Gunter 72 and his Harley
Terrea Harlan 74, John Nunez 74, Julie Eissinger 74 Angelique Gottlieb Hill 80, Joan Seitz 61, David Haynes 61, Carol Mills Russell 61, John Russell 61 Don Hagy 76, Paul Stewart 76, ?, LeAnn Trevelyan 80 LeAnn Trevelyan Thomas 80 and family
Terrea Harlan 74, ?, Angelique Gottlieb 80, ?, ? Kerry, Janine Louther 70, ?, Thomas Cook 78 John, Patrick Dunn 73  


Homecoming game      
Activities director Marcy Alexander Gary Yuke 67 and his 65 Shelby Cobra replica Tom Dugally 78 and his brand new Saleen Mustang convertible Timothy Klagge 78 and his Porsche Carrera 4 cabriolt
Debbie Skalisky 72/73 and her BMW cabriolet Debbie Skalisky 72/73 Patrick Dunn 73 and his Corvette convertible Gary Yuke 67 and Junior princess Erika Bolio
Sophomore Prince DeMarco Mackey and Princess Nichole Marilao Freshman Prince Dominique Green and Princess Vivian Caldwell Ayeisha Oroy Senior Prince Andre Mayo and Princess Courtney Patterson
Senior Prince Andre Powe and Princess Ayeisha Oroy     Teresa Gunn Davis 78, Tom Dugally 78 with Senior Prince Duane Altman and Madel Tumanon
Timothy Klagge 78 and Senior Princess Danielle Johnson "The Incredibles" float by Encina's Black Student Alliance The Justice League float  
Stephanie Woo and Jerry Burks 71 Tom and Timothy waiting Chaulzy Sargeant and Senior Prince Toa Sua Alumni photographer Rollin Coxe 64
Justice League float Cheerleaders   Homecoming king Toa Sua
Encina band playing at halftime led by band teacher Phyllis Grant Encina choir led by Calvin Lymon Encina band teacher Phyllis Grant with Amanda Bright 05 Eric Storm 83 and daughters
Steve, Stephanie, John Margie Hyland 73, Cindy Connell 73   Sara Howell 01, Taneka Hearne 01
Marla Bonomo Kauffman 79, Tom Dugally 78, Deanna Poulsen Gardner 79, Teresa Gunn Davis 78 & daughter Katy, Timothy Klagge 78 Excuse me, why does the end zone pad still say "Apaches" !!! Final score:
Marysville 35, Encina 27
Principal Myrtle Berry, VP Stephen Gatewood, Steve Palmer 74

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