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Homecoming 2002 Alumni Float and Pregame homecoming party

Here are some pictures from the Alumni float construction and pregame homecoming party at Whitney Elementary School on  Friday, November 1, 2002.

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Alumni float construction

Start of the afternoon  
La Vonne Foster Facino 78 and Steve Palmer 74 adding balloons  

Pregame party at Whitney Elementary School (Barbara Githens 77 is principal)

Whitney Elementary multipurpose room


Steve Palmer 74 and Paul Stewart 76 working on Alumni Challenge boards Alumni Challenge 2002
Jack Carey, Dick Doerr 61 & wife Kit, Don McCormick, Georgene Gunderson Cooper 64, Cheryl Chamber Peggy Sheagley selling tickets to football game
Ray Hicks 93, Ivory Rubin Jack Dutton and his daughter Lynne Thorne, Jack Carey
Principal Myrtle Berry, April Corum, Pang Moua Stephanie Ortiz McCarthy 79 and son Collin
Sheran Weatherford Yeager 62, Molly Culbertson 62, Sandi Elrod Gallegos 62, Linda Weatherford Ballance 62 Tom Mathews 61 and wife Jan, Don McCormick, Dick Doerr 61 and wife Kit
Ronald Mintle 65 (who hosts the Encina webserver at his company Yellow Magic) and Morgan Wright Don Bright 75 & daughter Amanda Bright 05
Debbie Sprague Mitchell 72, Sue Kehoe Jacobson 72, Darrel Mitchell 72 and their daughters Sandy Cameron Farmer 85 and son Joey, Dawna Spivey Hunter 85, Jim Farmer 85 and son Brandon
Student helpers Antoinet Ivey, Amanda Bright 05, Tyger Hicks, Michael Cottrell, Louise Stewart Student cooks Pang Moua, April Corum
Bruce Vanderford 74 buying dinner, ?, Jeralynn Cupps Krug 66/67 and husband Don Krug Jaimemarie Grissum 94, Terry Reed, Pam Kay 83
Dan Dahlberg 74, Jon Dahlberg 71, Randy Berry 71 Jack Dutton and daughter Lynne Thorn
Jack Bassett (former principal), Jim Smith (former principal), Vince Marelich Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo 73, Sue Kehoe Jacobson 72, Angie Gurle Kraft 72, Kerry Shearer 72, Debbie Sprague Mitchell 72, Jack Bassett
Jenna Smart and father Rett Smart 73, Jenna's friend Rita Chris Dahlberg 80, David Dahlberg 77, Dan Dahlberg 74, Jon Dahlberg 71
Margie Hyland 73, Ellen Rake 73 Danny Trotter 77, David Dahlberg 77 and sons, Dan Dahlberg 74, Chris Dahlberg 80, Jon Dahlberg 71
Cheryl Chambers, Don Brodnansky Terrea Harlan Sherman 74, Randy Berry 71, Terri Jurich Howard 74, Julie Eissinger Meador 74, Mike Berry 74
Steve Palmer 74, Terri Jurich 74, Dan Dahlberg 74, Julie Eissinger 74, Mike Berry 74, Harlan Lau 73, Bruce Vanderford 74, Terrea Harlan 74


Rett Smart 73, Jon Dahlberg 71, Margie Hyland 73, Ellen Rake 73

LaVonne Foster Facino 78's pictures: http://members.vpchat.com/flavonne/homecoming2002

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