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Alumni Challenge 2006 game

Here are some pictures from the Alumni Challenge basketball game at Encina HS on Friday, April 22, 2005

Highlight video - coming sooooon (courtesy of Rob Daleiden '90)

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Alumni player Year Number
Bob Goosmann 1974 10
Dave Jensen 1972 23
Steve Goff 1975 1
Greg Grant 1975 21
Chris Dahlberg 1980 2
James Jones 1987 22
Ted Novak 1987 11
Wes Baggs 1999 15
Ricci Dula 2000 3


Varsity player Number
Darren Malone 2
Andres Oliveras 5
Andre Mayo 11
DeAnthony Ferguson 12
Taco Harris 14
Phillip Johnson 15
Mike Mayes 21
Lonnie Brazil 23
Andre Korykaka 55
Cameron Schremscher 22


Debbie Richmond 73, Debbie Lopes 73, Loni Whalen 73 Tasha Elliott 00, Concepcion Carolina Chavez 00, Elsa Palazuelos 00, Kalyna Chavez, Sergio Mondragon 00 Alumni stands Alumni team stretching
Student singing national anthem Alumni team during national anthem Facing the flag  
Panorama of alumni stands from left to right
Closeup of alumni stands from left to right
Player introductions      
Bob Goosmann 74, Dave Jensen 72, Greg Grant 75 Greg Grant 75, Steve Goff 75, Chris Dahlberg 80, James Jones 87 Wes Baggs 99, Ricci Dula 00 James Jones 87, Ted Novak 87, Ricci Dula 00
Andre Korykaka 55 Andres Oliveras 5 Mike Mayes 21 Cameron Schremscher 22
Darren Malone 2 Taco Harris 14 Lonnie Brazil 23 Phillip Johnson 15
Andre Mayo 11 DeAnthony Ferguson 12   Chest bumping
Bulldog mascot Lisa Anne Raber and principal Myrtle Berry      

The Game


Panorama of Encina stands from left to right
Tipoff Vice principal & ref Stephen Gatewood and Ricci Dula 00    
Ricci Dula 00's cheering section (Ricci coaches the Encina girl's basketball team)   Coach Brian Williams talking to varsity team  
Closeups of alumni stands
Stephanie Woo with husband and son Varsity lead 17-13    
    Jon Dahlberg 71 and wife Lynda Hulin 70 and husband
Kathie Kloss Marynik 67 and husband Jerry   Diane Fournier 79, chair of multi year reunion Tina Phillips Pritchett 99 and Michael Pritchett 99
The Remix Crew
Back: Hou Her, Oliver Tumanon
Front: Phia Moua Junior, Phia Moua, Bryan Bakhuyag
  Izell Harris (black t shirt) Inna Tyulu (black jacket)
Aiesha Warmack, Dinesha McCants, Madel Tumanon
    Varsity leads 23-19 Varsity leads 30-25
Rollin Coxe 64, alumni photographer Bob Goosmann 74 Varsity leads 34-31 at halftime  


  In memory of Dwight Byrdie Breakdancer Tony Dao Tony Dao and Purnell
Bob Grebitus 74, Larry Lauzon 74 Elizabeth Smart, Eben Smart 71 and family Cindy Stimers 68, ?, ?, Ardis Duensing 66  

Second half

Ted Novak 87 Ricci Dula 00 driving Dula with reverse layup Varsity lead 36-33
Jones and Goosmann Ted Novak 87 driving Jones shooting Goosmann drives
Alumni lead 45-42! Novak with layup Alumni lead 49-48 after three quarters Scorekeepers table
Third quarter break Raffle results Alumni lead 57-49! Greg Grant 75
Alumni lead 58-55     Jones and Dula
Alumni lead 62-58 Chris Dahlberg 80   Alumni lead 65-60
  Interviewing mascot Coach Mitchell in last timeout Final score: alumni win 68-62!
Teams post game hugs      


Alumni player James Jones 87 and family Teacher Gayle Kernick, Alumni player/coach Bob Goosmann 74 and family Alumni player Dave Jensen 72 and friends Alumni player Chris Dahlberg 80, Jon Dahlberg 71, Dave Dahlberg 77 and families
Alumni player Greg Grant 75 and wife Linda Kasline 77 Bob Goosmann 74, Gregg Magaziner 74, Julie Eissinger 74, John Nunez 74, Denni Schwartz 74, Terrea Harlan 74 Front: Mike Martis 77, Rocky Niederberger 77, Charlie Reade 76
Back: Debbie Alvarez 77, Laura Vasquez 77, Laurie Lau 77, Linda Kasline 77
John Nunez 74, Jerry Burks 71 (who rides Harley in homecoming parade)
Cindy Stimers 68, Rollin Coxe 64 making CD of game photos Charlie Reade 76, Steve Palmer 74 holding Encina memorabilia donated by Chris Dahlberg 80 Charlie Reade 76, Laurie Lau 77, Linda Kasline 77  

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