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Class of 1979 - 25 year reunion

These photos are courtesy of Jeri Deyo McCue 79 from the 25 year reunion on November 4, 2004.

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Handsome Hunks Gorgeous Gals


Kathy Testor Castor & Larry Moore Songleaders - Julie Schell, Liz Graham Vigil, Jeri Deyo McCue Reunion Planners - Kathy Ragle, Janet Russel Mason, Tracy Milner (Erik Olsen & Larry Moore in background)
Marla Bonomo Kaufman & Jeri Deyo McCue Marla Bonomo Kaufman, Tom Dugally, & Jeri Deyo McCue Kim Buck Twilling, Joe Grasso?, & Kim Lemmond Shields
Tom Dugally & Marla Bonomo Kaufman Denise & Pam Wilbur, Deanna Poulsen Gardner, & Tracy Milner Deanna Poulsen Gardner & Jeri Deyo McCue

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