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Class of 1966 - 25 year reunion

These pictures are courtesy of Ron McFarland 66. If you have pictures you would like to share contact the Encina webmaster.

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Elma Peterson, Gary Langstaff, Roger Niello.jpg (39355 bytes) Elma Peterson
Ron McFarland
Gary Langstaff
Roger Niello
Jill Steward, unknown & Michelle Appel (Pitney).jpg (36357 bytes) Jill Stewart
Terry Baumgart
Michelle Appel Pitney
Lauren Friedman (Chatham).jpg (47633 bytes) Lauren Friedman Chatham
Ron McFarland
Lynn Hackett.jpg (39391 bytes) Ron McFarland
Lynn Hackett
Marcia Friedman (Cohen).jpg (39158 bytes) Ron McFarland
Marcia Friedman Cohen
Mary Konrad.jpg (37301 bytes) Ron McFarland
Mary Konrad
Melody Poplawsky (Barnett).jpg (39344 bytes) Melody Poplawski Barnett
Ron McFarland
Mike McWhirk.jpg (23749 bytes) Mike McWhirk
Ron McFarland
Nancy Boloyan (Hemstreet) & Lynn Shower.jpg (31375 bytes) Nancy Boloyan Hemstreet
Ron McFarland
Lynn Shower
Nancy Lubeck & Mike Solomon.jpg (35485 bytes) Nancy Lubeck
Mike Solomon
Nancy Sollom (McDonald).jpg (31882 bytes) Ron McFarland
Nancy Sollom McDonald
Paul Irish & Vince Scally.jpg (27930 bytes) Paul Irish
Vince Scally
Tim Dugas.jpg (30017 bytes) Ron McFarland
Tim Dugas

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