Howe Avenue School Class Pictures


This page contains Howe Avenue School class pictures in which Encina's Class of '67 alumni appear.  If you can help with any of the unknown or incomplete names, as well as share appropriate class pictures of your own, please contact me.   The photo(s) should be scanned at 300 dpi and emailed as a jpg file.  Please identify the school, grade, teacher, and as many of your classmates as you can.

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Howe Avenue School, Miss Snavely, kindergarten, 1954-55
(photo courtesy of David Strother)

Top Row:  ??, ??, Anna Huddle, Carl Hagan, ??, Jimmy Irbey, ??, ??, David Strother, Steve Henry, ??
Second Row:  Bob Whitehead, Ken Baggett, ??, ??
Third Row:  Miss Snavely, ??, ??, ??, Evelyn Surecamp, Terry Stewart, ??, ??, ??, Debbie Drennon
Front Row:  ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Danny Flagg

Howe Avenue School, Miss Hansen (or Hanson), grade 1, 1955-56
(photo courtesy of Ted VanDevort via Chris Wicks)

Top Row:  Miss Hansen (or Hanson), ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Craig Wilcox, Doug Smith, Ted VanDevort, Brian Egger
Second Row:  Anna Huddle, Debbie Kern, Pat Lyons, ??
Third Row:  Linda Cook, ??, Carol Griffith, ??, ??, Joanne, Loretta Parsons, Linda Fossi
Front Row:  ??, David Strother, ??, ??, Michael Callahan

Howe Avenue School, Mrs. Barry (or Berry), grade 2, 1956-57
(photo courtesy of Ted VanDevort via Chris Wicks)

Top Row:  ??, Diane Wolfe, Anna Huddle, Sandy, Terry Stewart, ??, ??, Harry, Carl Hagan, Brian Egger
Second Row:  Craig Wilcox, Ted VanDevort, Bobby Brinks, Greg Grassi, Rodney Keen, David Strother
Third Row:  Mrs. Barry (or Berry), Evelyn, Joanne, Leatrice Koppinger, Linda Fossi, Carol, Linda Butler?, Sharon Lass, Stephanie Meleski
Front Row:  Danny Flagg, Doug Smith, Ricky, Mike O'Malley, Ralph

Howe Avenue School/Wyda Way School, teacher unknown, grade 2, 1956-57
(photo courtesy of David Strother)

Top Row:  ??, Debbie Kern, Loretta Parsons, Debbie Drennon, ??, Bob Whitehead, David Strother, ??, Ron Newberry, ??
Second Row:  Darrell Tennant, ??, ??, teacher
Third Row:  Nina Courtney, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front Row:  ??, ??, Michael Callahan, ??, ??

Howe Avenue School, Mrs. Aaron (sp?), grade 3, 1957-58
(photo courtesy of David Strother)

Top Row:  Mrs. Aaron, ??, ??, ??, ??, Carl Hagan, John Means, ??
Second Row:  ??, ??, Anna Huddle, Mike O'Malley, David Strother, Steve Henry, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front Row:  Martha Wolfe, Beth Paterson, ??, Linda McCreary, Debbie Kern, ??, ??, Gayle Reynolds, ??

Howe Avenue School, Mr. Klaiber, grade 7, 1961-62
(photo courtesy of Don Wagoner)

Top Row:  Cordell VanReis, Georgeane Ference, ??, Kristie Kennedy, ??, Jack Oakes
Second Row:  Chad Peterson, ??, Patrick Leavitt, ??, Mr. Klaiber, Martha Wolf, ??, Linda Ferguson, ??
Third Row:  Don Wagoner, Mike O'Malley, ??, ??, ??, Rick Baggett, ??, ??, ??
Fourth Row:  ??, Robin Smith, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??
Bottom Row:  ??

Howe Avenue School, Mr. Winslow, grade 7, 1961-62
(photo courtesy of Judy Johnson Green)

Row 1:  Larry Barr, Stephanie Meleski, Buddy Hedgecock, Ken Baggett, Regina King, Doug Smith
Row 2:  Ken Helt, Carol Griffith, Colleen McBride, Cynthia Paginello, Debbie Dutton, Ed Brennan, Mike French, Sharol Lass, Vic Sutherland
Row 3:  Linda Fossi, Eileen Berg, Chris Wright, Sandra Winegar, Judy Johnson, Bill Townsend, Ernie Dyer, Cherie Sabey, Sandra Gorst
Row 4:  Billy Roberts, Gayle Winthers, Kitt Haas, Linda McCreary, Claudia Vorous, Gerry Reid, Gregg Crowthers, Steve Henry, Chris Gray
Row 5:  Tim Wilson